Tuesday, November 10, 2009

as of late...

So, I'm curious, why I haven't been on the Cinnamon Toast Crunch train for the last few years? Hello? Weird. Because it is SO delicious.

It re-entered my life via a sale at the local grocery store. And, at this very moment in time, I'm enjoying my first bowl. Ice cold milk to accompany = perfection.

Life is good, even though my front room is a total disaster.

Why is it a mess? I decided to finally go through The Box.

Now, you may wonder how many years I've packed this infamous box around? And, I'll tell you 7 years. Seriously, it hasn't been opened for a LOOOONG time. Do you want to know what is written on the side? Okay, I'll tell. Some people don't use the word I'm about to write, but because it's on the box, I have to disclose:
"Melissa's CRAP box (to organize)". That's the title.

You can see why I've waited so long.

Why did I decide that TODAY was finally the day? Well, my mom comes into town on Friday, and we are determined to make room in our home ready for a family of FOUR. Meaning, I gotta get rid of a lot of stuff in order to do so. Hence, why I am going through old stuff that hasn't been looked at for years. I even had to call some of my BFFs (Sarah and Melissa) to talk me through WHICH things to keep and which things to chuck. Thanks, ladies.

Keep the journal, chuck the notes from Humanities. Keep the jewelry, chuck the broken flashlights and guitar picks. And so on.

Hopefully I'll be ready for our CLEAN SWEEP/ORGANIZE EXTRAVAGANZA this weekend.


In other news, I mentioned the journal I found. It just happens to be from early elementary school years, picked it back up a few times in jr. high, and finished it during high school days. I've spent the evening reading a few gems to Aaron.

I've now determined that my life is chronicled by which boy I liked at the time. I must admit, I look a little bit boy crazy as I'm reading past entries. I asked Aaron, "How am I going to keep track of time now, because I'll have you as my favorite for SO long??" Somehow I'll manage. One can only hope.

And, I've decided that maybe, as some of you parents highlight the darling things your children say on the side of your blog (which I think are truly great and love to read. honestly, i do)---I was thinking maybe I'd put up a few snippets from entries I wrote as a darling little teenager.

What's the vote?

Okay, fine. I'll do it. And, better yet, I'll start now.

Nov. 3, 1991 (seven years old):
"Now we have an new baby sister. She is 3 years old. oh, is she a pane in the neck. but she will grow out of it. Let's go on to Jesse, he is now 10 years old. He is a pane in the neke [neck] sometimes."

April 26, 1998 (13 years old):
"Whitney is sick. I feel so bad. Her throat is like swollen. It started yesterday at play practice... Ms. Shelton said stay off carbonation and sugar so we can do our best. Ha! I had a huge glass of root beer on Friday and I still load sugar on my cereal and scrape it off with my spoon at the end."---note to the reader, I still enjoy doing that from time to time with my cereal.

March 14, 2000 (16 years old):
--talking about one of my sister's friends coming to visit (he was a cute boy). '[As he was leaving] Jesse shook hands with him and I was about to do the same--when he pulled in and put his arms around me and... I wish I could write he KISSED me--but he didn't. He just said, "See ya later, Miss." All I could say was, 'Bye.' I'm such a freak. But really, what would I have said--'I love you. Kiss me you fool!'---I think not."

Ahh, there's more where that came from. A whole bunch of treasures. I don't want to list TOO many right now, though. You understand.

I'm glad I kept a journal. It funny how you forget so many things that happened so long ago, but when you read past entries, you can remember so many details about it all.

Anyway, that's all for now. Let's all hope Tillie doesn't choke on my past Young Womanhood Medallions or trip over the old textbooks bound for the recycle bin. Cross your fingers for us over here.


a pair of pettijohns said...

oh man. the "i love you - kiss me you fool" provided the very laugh i have been needing tonight.

thank you for confirming that you too were awkward in your early life. i feel so much better.

good luck with "the box." may the memories abound.

Life, Love and a Lil Sauce said...

Those quotes made me pee! Especially the last one ...
So funny you were reminiscing, because today I thought about getting you ready for that dance where you wore the floral number and the serious lipstick meltdown that ensued. Ah, the good old days ...

emily snyder said...

hahahaha!!! wow. who knew you were such a writer as such a young age?
i am dying to know which guy friend came over?? were the initials j.k.? i'm thinking that is the friend we all adored!

i LoVe how miss reminisced about the lipstick! such were the days.

please please bless tillie doesn't choke on your Young Women medallion. goodness.

Tim and Melissa said...

Good job...and YES, keep the journals! We didn't talk about that one. :) I still have ones from when I was little stashed at my parents house. Good memories!

I hope to follow your lead soon!

Brian and Elizabeth Shelley said...

I love your journal entries! They are hilarious! Miss you!

Kristen said...

Myself, I have been indulging i Reese's Puffs cereal. Good ol chocolate and peanut butter.

I have to say that it is impossible to have a clean, organized house in our little homes in "the Hills". I look back at pictures in my little house and it always looks cluttered and messy. I was worried that moving into a bigger house would be harder to clean and care for but it has been the opposite. We finally have closets to put all our junk and stuff. My house looks way more cleaner and life has been simplified even though I have more bedrooms and bathrooms to keep clean.
Good luck with making room for ??? Have you even picked a name? I haven't heard you mention it. Is it a surprise? Oh wait, was it you that said you haven't even thought about names yet? I can't remember. Anyway, keep cleaning if it means we get to hear about your lost treasures some more. I died laughing when I read "kiss me you fool" Let me guess, were you 13? I think we would all like to forget that phase of our lives. haha so hilarious!

Rebecca Snyder said...

a pain in the neck?! I was three years old! Give me a break.

Logan and Emily said...

oh my heart i just laughed out loud so hard at "i love you - kiss me you fool" that I woke up sophie from her nap! oops! it was worth it! that was AMAZING!

The girl said...

You are too funny. Apparently...you have been funny your whole life. No surprise though. Have fun and good luck cleaning. That is so nice your mom will be here to help you. I need to do some major organizing one of these days. There is only 2 of us, and I feel like there is so much crap. Mostly mine. I did clean the coat closet last week. David said when he went to go put a jacket away it "brought joy to his soul to have it clean". :)

melody said...

March 14th--oh, that was a good day. BAHAhA! that was great. I laughed...out loud. But yeah, I quite enjoyed your journal entries. (: All ya'll are great!! (: I am excited for you to come up!!!

emilyhutchison said...

AHH i can imagine journal entry Melissa to be the same one who replied with "I love a good Jack Weyland" to an interview question.


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