Wednesday, September 3, 2008

ooootah. or utah, whatev.

well, i am here... again.  Why you may ask? Because Utah is lots of fun in the summer months, being away from our families for longer than a month was too hard to bear (just kidding), Becca was leaving to Jerusalem (just left yesterday--sob!), and Em was going to have a killer awesome birthday bash.  So, instead of coming up in October like I had originally planned, we decided to push it up a bit.  Thus, here I am.  And here's what we've been up to. (I decided I better post these before I get home, b/c all the pictures are on my family's computer).

Hot and sweaty Tillie.  I didn't want her to be cold on the airplane, so I dressed her in a long sleeve/pant outfit---but little did we know that it would be so hot upon our arrival!  Sorry, dolly! 
curious to know how she did on the plane? let's just say, when she was asleep---great! 
When she wasn't asleep---not great, AT ALL!  I never knew so many people could give me crusty stares,
 or that I could get SO sweaty in such a short amount of time.  
Cheers to a new chapter of flying airplanes in life.  Who knew it was such an experience!

Tillie Mae loves her Papa Snyder.  I love it when she looks up at who's holding her.  

Becca loves zucchini (or likes to pretend that she does).  Remember how the "Snyder Family Garden" NEVER produces things other than tomatoes? Well, Becca has apparently has a green thumb and resurrected our garden.  It now grows foreign things like basil, rosemary, peppers, strawberries and more! We are all SUPER impressed with her skills.  Who knew you didn't have to BUY things like that?  Not I.  

We hosted a bridal shower for one of Becca's friends and had WAY too much fun with frosting the cupcakes.  
When I get back to Tejas, I am going to invest in meringue powder.  That's the secret to beautiful frosting!
Who knew?!  Becca and I had contests on who could create the most beautiful swirly roses.  I'm sure I won. 
 Although, Becca thinks she did.  Whatev. 
Then, with the leftover frosting, we made wrist corsages applied directly to our skin.  It looked beautiful enough for the prom.  Oh, wait... did we eat it?  Yes, we did get sick.  Gag.  Just thinking of it makes me want to...

beautiful paper lanterns provided by our next door fabulous neighbors, the Gundersons.
 We used them for the bridal shower and then two days later for the next shin-dig.  Keep reading.

Ahh, yes... the next big THANG.  Em's 30th birthday bash.  

I decided to block out the specifics of the party with address and sorts, b/c you never know what kooks are reading.  :)  It was REALLY REALLY fun.  That was the invite.  And here are photos of the event decor.  I've included a few with people, but most of those pictures are on Em's blog.  Special thanks to our neighbors who provided paper lanterns, serving platters, flowers, etc.--not to mention helped to restock the food!  THANK YOU!

we totally think we are Martha worthy.  Whatev.  We know it rocked.

the party princess... miss matilda mae herself, made an appearance.

mom's face says a million things.  "i really don't have time to pose for your picture, but b/c I am nice, I will humor you."  Thanks, mom.

this is how I felt about all the fun!

this is how Lizzy felt about all the fun.  Posin' it up with Maddie Wheadon.  Remember how tall Lizzy is?

And, this is how Becca felt about all the fun.  Going with the flow.  All's good in the neighborhood.  Love this picture.  Love her shoes too.  Oh, and love this girl.  Remember how she is in Jerusalem right now?  Cool/uncool.  (thanks, jesse for the phrase).  Cool that she is having the experience of a lifetime, uncool that she is not here with me now.

incredible cupcakes made by the lovely Jana Gunderson.  She has more talent than we know what to do with!  
And, the cookie jars turned out pretty cute too---if I do say so myself.  :)

let's take a close-up of those cupcakes!  Awesome, right?!

the lanterns all a glow with the pretty twinkle lights.  We were in love with it all.  Special thanks to Becca, who hung most of the lanterns on her own while I was feeding Tillie, and then, per my request helped me re-hang them for the non-clumped look.  She wasn't too happy about that idea, but did it anyway.  You are a trooper and a champ.  In the end, we did like it much better, but it was a bugger to hang them all.
There's my grandma walking and K' holding Tillie.  Good times.

ok, another shot.  Here is a shot of part of the yard and "Joshua Creek" in the background.  Remember Mr. Hinton in Jr. High?  The French teacher?  Yes, that is him and his band doing a sound check.  They were really great!

Tillie loving her other grandparents!  They came early to help with the rest of the setup (and to hold the little diva!).  Thanks!

Us with the beautiful Craig family.  Remember how I have been friends with Sarah forever? And room-mates twice? OH!  and remember how Sarah had her baby hours after this event? What?!  I know!  She had been having contractions for the last few days, and during the party they were 8 minutes apart!  WHAT?!  And remember how gorgeous she is?!  Who looks like that at 9 months?!  No one, but beautiful Sarah.  Golly, she is great.  And, remember how she almost had her baby in the car??  Yeah.  CaaaRRazy!  
p.s. it was cold, so I bundled Matilda up. That is why she looks so strange.

I got to hold lil' Nina Mae!  Ok, she is a total doll face!  Look at her!  I can't decide who she looks like more... Whit or Billiam??  A perfect blend, I say!  It was SOooOOoo good to see Whit (another GORGEOUS forever friend--how did I get such pretty friends?!!) and catch up!  I was THRILLED to meet the infamous little Nina.  She is WAAAY too cute for words.  
Loooved every second of it.

and last but not least, the party queen herself!  Yes, the guest of honor, Miss Emily!  She looked so good!  There were lots of pictures to choose from with her and her guests, but this is my favorite one of Em.  She is awesome and totally deserving of an awesome party.  I am so glad I got to be here and help out with the fun.

Here's to 30 years, Em-dawg!  Lots of love.  Good times ALL around.


Becker said...

I don't know your family, Melisa...not really anyway...but I LOVE them. And I love your beautiful party. And I love your friend Sarah too. And remember how we all lived together for that little minute?

emily snyder said...

wow. words can't begin to express. love you lots and lots and lots. thanks for moving the Utah trip up!!!

i second the cool/uncool thoughts about becca. what are we going to do without her???!!! i won't dwell on it in case she has a few moments of homesickness, but i had to stop myself from crying this morning because i already miss her.

Calene said...

Okay, I'm sort of a blog I happened to be searching for cute card ideas and your blog came up. Sooo, since I randomly read blogs of people I don't know, I was intrigued by your art and then saw the beautiful Hydrangeas on the table that sucked me in....stay with me, I'm getting there.....:) I was looking at all the cute things you were doing for your sister and her party, and suddenly missing my sisters who live really far away and all of a sudden read "Joshua Creek" was there! That is what we have in husband plays the guitar with Joshua Creek..his name is Ron Saltmarsh. He came home from the party the other night (we just live in Highland) and he said what a neat party it was and how I "would have loved it because it was crafty and cute".

So, thanks for letting me peek into your life and thank you for having Joshua Creek play at your sister's birthday party. Now, you can stalk my blog if you'd like and read all about my boring life! lol :)
Calli Saltmarsh

kimmy girl said...

REALLY impressive. i do this for a living, and i need a few of the snyders on my team. love it. love you.

Tim & Melissa said...

Wow! You guys know how to throw a party. It looks amazing! Glad to see you are having fun in Utah. Sorry that airplane didn't go so well. I definitely feel your pain - that's why we don't make that trip very often. Good luck on the way home!

Russ and Nat said...

Wow- That looks awesome. I am sad that I missed awesome as the Idaho State Fair is....How long are you in Utah??

Rebecca Snyder said...

Wow I felt like I was reading my journal- it just said so much about me! Maybe I should just copy this post and put it on my blog. But oh wait I am not allowed to post pictures so that would be a problem since most of your blog is in photo captions. Love the post and the pictures. Keep em' coming because it is the only way I can keep track of my darling niece. Love ya muchly.

erin said...

Geez, you guys are beyond Martha worthy! CUTE decorations! Everything is just so, so cute. Nice job! :)

Logan and Emily said...

I'm a loser and totally missed all the EM B-day fun! Sad day. But PLEASE impart your wisdom! What does meringue powder do?!

elements: overexposed said...

Wow! What a fun partay! Wish we could have been there, just to partake in the cuteness of it all. Utah is certainly fun in the summer, and has the most perfect summer nights. Great photos!

Shaela said...

You are way better than MARTHA!!! I'm buying stock in your company someday. Glad you get to go home so often and share your beautiful baby with your family. She is growing like a weed ( a cute weed ). Miss you guys.


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