Tuesday, September 9, 2008

for becca.

Now, who doesn't love to wake up to this scene in the morning?
I love that she can be totally crying, and the second I open up that door and she sees me, she starts giggling and pumping her legs.
Now, if that isn't the best way to start a day, I don't know what is.

Becca, I know you loved it when you got to be the one to get Ms. Tillie Mae in the a.m., so I dedicate these photos to you... all the way in Jerusalem.

On a totally random note, as I was uploading our photos to the computer, I came across this one. Aaron apparently left his racquetballs in the steaming hot car. I guess this is what happens!? He played this beloved sport pretty much EVERY day that I was gone in Utah. Now he is getting multiple calls a day from dental kids and randoms he met at the gym to find out when he is going to play next. Who knew he was such the social-lite and princess-party-planner?!

I loved that he captured the magic here so I could partake (well, now you can too).

He also had a few photos of a MacN'Cheese meal gone wrong. In the microwave. In splatter form. I'll spare you those photos. Looks like it was really crazy around here while I was away.

Last but not least, I'd like to introduce you to our little boy, Tyler. Who looks a lot like Tillie. Oh, wait! my bad.

gotta love it.
yes, gotta love her. and yes, I get to kiss those little cheeks all day long.


Becker said...

I'll pretend like this is for me :) She is such a little dolly. I wish we could meet her.

Rebecca Snyder said...

Oh my precious day! Those are too perfect. I am glad that you are building her portfolio of shots because last night I had my laptop up where people were getting interviews with the branch president, so while they were waiting I showed 5-6 girls your entire blog and then I enlarged all my favorite ones. Literally, it lasted for 15 minutes because he was so behind. One girl said, "Don't you have homework or something you need to do?" And I said, "duh I would rather do this... isn't this picture so cute- just look at those cheeks." Oh and by the way, my friend Piper thinks you really need to cut back on the size of flowers- I showed her the black and white ones where the flower is bigger than Matilda's head and she thought it was a little vain. Either way- she looks so cute this morning. Keep the pix coming everyday, now you have an excuse to take and post pictures every day because I can't get text photos now. Love you!

Lyssa said...

Oh she's getting bigger! So fun times in UT, I see. I'll be having same fun times in UT this friday for 2 weeks!! YEAH! Cool/uncool though...cool that I get to hang out with family with the two girlies...uncool that Joe misses the fun because of school. Cool because Jenny is getting married but uncool that I have to fly ALONE with 2 kids...
Anways, I love the decor too...and I think I saw that on Martha? Melis? do we need to admit something? lol

Kristen said...

People used to think Lily was a boy...even with pink clothes, a bracelet and a bow. It was always those old men at the post office or grocery store. Clueless...Tillie's so sweet. I love her skin tone.

Tim & Melissa said...

Such a little cutie! Can't wait to see her again and see if Easton has passed her up - I think he has!

Katie said...

Melissa, she is so stinkin cute!!!

annie and jared said...

melissa she is so so so adorable- that bottom picture is to die for! i too love to wake my little one up in the morning, it makes my whole day.


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