Thursday, May 29, 2008

update on the yard

Here's a couple shots of the front of the house. One thing you can't see in them that we just did is got a garage door opener! It 's about the most exciting thing that's gone on around here lately. Also, see if you can spot one thing wrong in these 2 pictures.
That's right! Our flag is hung backwards. When viewing from the front, the stars are supposed to be on the left. So I guess it's ok for us looking at it from inside the house.

preface: As always, feel free to click on the pics for a full screen, HIGH DEFINITION viewing experience

Here's some pictures of the front flower beds. The hanging baskets are the hardest to keep healthy cause you gotta undo the sprinkler to water them.We were a little worried the geraniums were all gonna die after the first blooms fell off, but they've come back with gusto! (depending on the type, some geraniums are annuals and some are perennials... i guess we'll find out next year what we've got)These little white flowers, I forgot what they are called, hold on... ok, melis doesn't know either. Well, we are just really impressed how much they've grown.
After we planted these yellow ones we started noticing them everywhere in San Antonio. I think every shopping center might be required to plant them.
Here's the original flowers for comparision
OK - here's some pics for my dad. This first shot is taken about 2 weeks after we planted the grass.
And here's what it looks like now.
I really wish all of it looked like this. This part is along the back fence and looks great. Hopefully one day all of it'll look this good. Don't you want to roll around in it?

And here's a section that is gonna need a little work.

And here's a picture of matilda. She's just started smiling a lot and this is an attempt at capturing it on camera. A failed attempt. But close. Chunk, chunk, chunk chunk chunk. We love her.


Jordan & Jandee said...

Your yard looks fantastic! And Matilda is really growing, can't wait to meet her!

Tyler and Erin said...

I can't believe how much Matilda has grown! What a cutie. Good job on the yard too!

Anonymous said...

its Adam

Matilda is getting bigger wat do you feed that girl.

love you guys


BETH said...

I love garden picture- and I love red geraniums - we had those little white daisies the past couple of years they are awesome because they reseed themselves-

little Tillie is getting so chunky and cute

side note-Merry has a book called treasure hunt about a little girl named Tillie

annie and jared said...

good work on the yard! she looks so so so cute in that picture, i love it when they start to get a little chub, they just get cuter and cuter the bigger they get. don't you love the smiles!? so fun.

Tim, Melissa & Dylan said...

I LOVE that she is starting to smile. What a fun time! The yard looks great...we need some of that green thumb magic on some spots in our yard!


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