Thursday, May 22, 2008

party people in da houuuuse!

well team... we no longer have a "bunny" room. Yes, that's right. We've made some additions. Actually, we made them a while back... I think we actually hung them the first week Tillie Mae was home, but we had made the projects the week BEFORE Ms. Matilda her arrival. You know, when Lizzy and my mom were here? Yeah. Good memory.

I have been wanting/trying to update this blog for a while now, and finally had a chance today. I know you have all been super anxious for a new post, right? Don't deny it. We all know how it is---clicking on the blog that you hope has been finally updated, only to be disappointed... yet again. Don't hide it, we are all blog stalkers. I get it.

So, be proud. I'm still here. Yes, our little family is all accounted for. We've made it through the first 4 weeks of Matilda's life. If that isn't an accomplishment enough for you, then this next tidbit of info. will be. I am blogging about it. one handed. be impressed. still haven't won your approval? well, get this... i am also bouncing on our pilates ball too.

I knew I'd get you in the end. If that isn't a true sign of a mom (you know, the whole multi-tasking thang) then, I don't know what is.

So, here are s'more shots of the babe in arm's room. No, we're still not there yet. We've been working on a big painting for above Tillie Mae's crib and then, on that same wall I have a 3 framed delight from Lyssa that will soon grace the wall's presence. Oh, and a few other frames are still not filled and I have yet to finish some birds I'm making... But! we are getting close.

here's a picture of my cute mom holding the little gangstah-thug.
(she had her 2nd PKU test that morning, so that is why it looks like she was in a street fight...
you know the kind, in da hood).

here is the book shelf that we brought down from my parent's house.
Aaron just painted it white, and I can't believe how much better we like it!
Pretty fun with the scallop edges.

we made three collages. here's a close up of one of them.
if you want to see the others in more detail, feel free to click on the picture at the very top of the post.

now, this is where the big painting will eventually go. And don't you love the little pennant thing my mom whipped up
in like an hour?? We went through and chose some of my most favorite pieces of fabric and
he cut them out and sewed them up! I am IN LOVE with it! Thanks, Mom!

***side note! Notice the big blue pilates ball that is our BEST friend. Seriously, it is Matilda Mae's SURE FIRE way to calm down... she LOVES it. I will be addressing my "favorite things" in mom-hood in another post. This will DEFINITELY be on that list.
First time/Long time parents, get excited!)

My mom and I made fun little tags to put on the baskets. Maybe one day I will write something on there
to identify what is in the baskets. But, for now, it is cute for "cuteness" sake.
Oh, and I know you love that little puppy dog peeking out to say "oh hey!" --- yeah, me too.

This is at the head of Matilda's crib. (hence, the reason I couldn't get a really great photo of it...
the crib was in the way). I have a bunch of birch ply wood hanging around and decided to stain it
and make something fun. We were totally into the whole "collage" thang. If you couldn't tell.
And, I have a die-cut machine thing and used the little "tag" die to create Matilda's name. I don't know if it is too weird to have them hung like we did. But, for now, it is what it is.

Here's a close up. I really ended up liking this project and want to do other ones like it.
(thanks pottery barn for the inspiration).

So, there you have it. A new view of Matilda's room. I still have to finish some things, but we are ALMOST there! Peace out for now, folks.

p.s. when I just clicked on some of these images to enlarge them, I noticed many of them are SUPER grainy. what?! SICK! I know. I think the problem happened because I posted them with a "medium" resolution on this blogster stuff. Sorry. That stinks. But, I really don't feel like REposting them, so, team, I apologize for that.


ashley said...

Love it! Totally diggin' the collage look! This is what I need to know... are the collages built from paper or fabric?

Like the tree for instance: did you cut the branch and leaves from paper or fabric? Interesting. Okay, I'm done, I love it!

(I jsut got Tristan's crib like last week... so we are now working on putting together some time of decorated room... I'm a slacker!)

Tim, Melissa & Dylan said...

Wow - you never fail to impress me with your creativity and fun projects. Good work!! Also, great work at multi-tasking!! It was so fun to spend time with you guys yesterday! Matilda is DARLING!

lizzy said...

um mother was reading and said you need to change something like that she is not a he stitched it like in an hour

Aubrey said...

Wow - you are so creative! I love to look on your blog for inspiration. :)

Tyler and Erin said...

You are so crafty! Love it all. I have the same question as Ashley... "are the collages out of papric or fabric" Matilda is blessed to have such a beautiful crafty room. I also LOVE the tags on the baskets. What a cute idea!

Lyssa said...

Thanks for giving my frames a shout out! Your nursery is just to die for! How cute that you made all those things! The tree thingy, is that out of scrapbook paper? And what die cut machine do you have?! hmm ? Sorry, so many questions but I just love it all!
And I totally could have told you about the exercise ball!!! My girls have loved the motions from the beginning. That's the only thing that would get Emma to fall asleep at night when she was first born..and such a work out too!
Can't wait to see more of your stuff!!
And honestly, you've got the whole multi-tasking down..I mean, hello! You were able to make all that stuff and not be freaking out with a baby and etc etc etc :)

Oh and thanks for the votes :)

annie and jared said...

you are so creative melissa! i have not done a thing with olive's nursery yet because she is still sleeping next to me in a bassinet, i can't yet cut the cord. i may have to copy some of your stuff though!

Cairen said...

The room looks so cute! I love the dresser and that baskets... I think you may have more kid books then us and Matilda was just born! So fun, love all your crafty stuff!

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

First off....congrats on making it to 4 weeks! That really is an accomplishment, so many adjustments.

I am in stinkin' love with all the funness going on in Matilda's nursery! You never cease to amaze me with whatyou come up with---such a creative one you are. :) I just got your text about five minutes ago...sorry. We have been in Lake Powell all week, but I will call you later and we will catch up.

Sarah said...

so cute. You will have to give me some pointers when its my turn to decorate a baby room.

Mark & Bek said...

Wow, if you ever need a job (and Mark and I are rich) you should come decorate my house. You are so talented!

Shaela said...

ok, seriously you could market this stuff. You are so amazing and talented. I love it all.

Anonymous said...

I love it all!! What a beautiful room. You're amazing, amazing!


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