Tuesday, May 27, 2008

snap snap!

snap! snap! "when you're a jet, you're a jet all the way..."

Get a load of this tall girl! Yes, the above photo makes her seem REALLY stretched out, because the boppy is underneath her. I love that she shares her mom's interest in musicals (you know, West Side Story?) She is even beginning to do the dance routine from the song "I wanna live in America..." ---notice her little kick action?
Nice work, Tillie Mae. Good going.

is it a crime to kiss a baby's cheeks too much?? if so, call me a criminal.

no, wait. here's the fruit cake now! gotta love this shot of the proud papa. And, her little profile
is some kinda wonderful. Do you love the little double chin action? And her little nose.
It reminds me of these little characters from the Puffs Tissue commercials.

I couldn't find a side profile of them, but here's what I'm talking about. Gotta love it.
...Now I just have to capture on film her Mickie Rooney face. hmmm...

peace out for now, muchachos.


a pair of pettijohns said...

sheesh melis, just when i think she couldn't possibly get ANY cuter - SHE DOES!

kimmy girl said...

here is the thing miss melis. im coming to san antonio. now, now, i know this is exciting news, because there is a chance i might get to see you and that baby!!!!! however, it will be a very quick trip (we come the 7th and leave the 9th) but keep me in mind. let me know what your up to. what your down to. you know. the plan. xoxo.

Lyssa said...

She is getting out of her "newborn" look and getting cuter by the minute! (newborn look is not bad but you'll know what I mean in a few months :) )

lizzy said...

AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!! i love her soo much, she is a doll, i can't wait for you guys to come till then...

Lots of LOVE Aunt Lizzy
(and i am silly for tillie how did you know?)

Mandee said...

So funny! I love it! She's a doll! oh- and I love west side story! HAHAH LOL! have fun on your trip! come to the lake saturday if ya'll can!

adam said...

hey mano - your yard is looking awesome. hope all is well. get excited to see my skis. paz fora! yahhooo


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