Saturday, April 12, 2008

shout out

"uhhh...don't let that strange lady pick me up!"
(i imagine that is what she was thinking in her mind's eye)

***** dIscLaImeR *****
ok, so other siblings of Aaron and I, please don't be mad/sad/bugged/etc. if i don't do the same thing for each of you. It's all about timing here, people. It is Saturday morning, Aaron just left to Houston to participate in the Olympics (yeah, he's a champ), and i am pregnant (aka with child) waiting for this baby to arrive. ok? ok. Timing is everything... and time is what I have right now, so don't be haters. *****

It just so happens to be my darling sister's birthday. She is turning twenty and I can't believe there are four children in my family all in their twenties. Now, if that doesn't make my parents feel old, I don't know what would. :) jk roland and denise.

Here are some pictures I happened to find on my hard drive. Oh, and when you have a father who LOVES posting embarrassing pictures on his website, it is amazing the goodies you can find! YESSssss! Without further delay---- bEcCa, hApPy bIrThDaY!!

we got twinner hats. little house on the prairie style... love it.

what can we say? we don't listen to EVERYthing our parents say.
this was our punishment.

i don't think becca has ever seen these pictures i took of her before her dance...
hence, that is why there are a few of them. (my dress, thanks).

"can I get a what? what?" thanks, awkward arms.

becca always looks to me for guidance. she wants to be just like me
(as shown here. this is me demonstrating how to eat Chinese cuisine.
See, before my instruction, she was eating like a barbarian. wow, she's so lucky I'm around).

again, she is so lucky I am around to show her the ropes of the world.
(this is me pinning on her date's corsage)

i took this picture. she is STILL in love with this hat.
i am STILL in love with the glasses.

i can't believe she got a scooter. sigh.
but, she looks pretty darn cute. (thanks to my skirt and coral shirt). hA!

she has such a funky style. darling, just darling.
(thanks to MY bracelets, converse shoes and NO thanks to my mom's old dress & fruity scarf.)

i'm the one who totally got her into the racing scene.
we are BIG racers and win every event we enter. it's hard being so fast, you know?
(shhh...becca, don't tell, no one needs to know that we finished dead last
because we walked the entire way. ok? our secret.)

If you want to know what a rad gal she is, feel free to check out her blog.
She is really funny and makes me laugh super hard.
thanks becca, you are the bomb-diggity.

p.s. oh, and yes, people, that is HER darling baby picture at the top. in case you were curious.


Rebecca Snyder said...

Awesome! A post dedicated all to me!! Wuh Wuh. I feel very important. Wow we are cute people. Thanks dude!

annie and jared said...

love all the dark hair and those brown eyes! such a cute baby picture becca. oh and by the way melissa i was DYING at how cute your baby pictures were on your post a couple times ago, your baby is going to be a doll! so she's going to be here any day?? how exciting, recovering was the hardest thing ever but i still have such fond memories from delivery and the first couple of weeks. just enjoy it, it is so surreal.

annie and jared said...

oh and did i mention that the picture of you guys kneeling in the field made me laugh soooo hard!
p.s. wasn't trying to scare you about the delivery thing, you will be fine, mine was abnormally aweful. yours will be wonderful!

Sarah said...

HUH? Your husband is participating in the olympics?? what does that mean? I need you to explain more!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday to Becca (I know...I'm late!) Cute pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

Dan and Lindsey Walker said...

Hi, this is Lindsey Walker, Dan's wife. Your blog is so funny! Thanks for the advice, it is helpful. It is such a scary/exciting decision to make. Do you like living in Texas, do you think the money-saving choice was the best one? We are just so confused and want to make the best choice!

kimmy girl said...

those pictures will go down in history are some of the most classic i have ever seen! ps- i have been using bomb diggity lately...maybe we are on some weird same wave length that stretches from tx to ny...or i stole it from you 5 years ago when we lived together. either way, i love you...when does the babe come. soon?

The Cook Family said...

I love, love, loved the picture! Thanks for making my day!!! I hear you met your new best friend before I even got around to telling you that she was coming! Enjoy Aubrey for me! :0)
Hey, and keep those pictures coming!


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