Saturday, September 29, 2007

keep your eyes peeled!

??? have you seen this girl ???
hey guys!

why do we not have too many pictures JUST us? Lame that I had to crop our family picture to make it look like we had a photo op. together. where are all our hawaii pictures I ask you??

ahhh, em & miss chalk. lovely.

Christmas 2006, looking Oh! so stunning!

another cute picture with my scarf that she always wants to steal. too bad I use it SO often in Texas now :(

Well team, today is Saturday. I have been looking forward to this day for a few weeks now. Why? you may ask yourselves. Well, tonight is the General Relief Society Meeting!!! (if you click on the link you can view/listen to it in ANY language you want! Did we even know that Yapese is a language? I think not! but if you speak it, you can listen to it!) Now, you might be thinking, "Calm down, Melissa, I mean, it happens every year!"

But no, no, no. This year is different.

My older sister, Em, (the gal pictured above) is the secretary for the General Relief Society Presidency. !!! Sister Beck, (who we know from our little Alpine), asked Emily to be a secretary. AnneMarie Toone, who is one of Em's BFF's, is Sister Beck's personal assistant and goes to EVERY single meeting with her. Crazy, eh? So, Em has been getting me pumped for tonight and all the neat things Sister Beck and the other women are going to talk about. Emily has nothing but wonderful things to say about those women in that office. And, I feel especially cool by association. Wait, I AM cool by association. Yesssss!

I don't know that most of you know my sister Em. She is incredible. Totally incredible. And it only makes sense that she would be doing something really great with her life. I mean, can you imagine working with those ladies? Hellloooo Awesome.

So, this is a shout out to you Emmers! I will be straining the whole night to get a glimpse of your darling face! :) Tonight I totally wish I was in Utah (no offense, Texas friends) because, of course, Em scored some great tickets, and I bet they'll be good seats too! I totally envy my mom and sisters!!!! But, I am going to our Stake's broadcast and the projected screen will have to be enough. (sigh).

Lots of Love to Em. Everyone, I posted her picture so you too can feel cool by association. Keep your eyes peeled! (that is a sick expression, by the way, but...alas, I use it).


marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Wow...I didn't know that?! Crazy. I will definitely keep my eyes peeled---however gross that might be. I'll agree with you, I never know why we all use this saying, and yet I keep using it.

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Wait Melis, I just went to tell my mom about this post and about Emily etc. But I am a little confused. Is emily THE secretary of the General Relief Society or is she the secretary in their office? A little clarification for the dumb aka me. Thanks.

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Hey, more comment from me. I was just reading your profile and saw that you said,"retired-seminary-teacher" that true? Are you all done with early morning seminary? Not that I blame you AT ALL. I wouldn't have ever lasted a day being pregnant and trying to hold do a job and wake up at whatever blasted time in the morning seminary teachers wake up. I was just curious. Okay, so I promise this is my last comment today (for today).

Diana said...

Melissa, it's your long lost friend Diana! HOW ARE YOU!?!?! I love your blog, I found it through Katy Grover's I think! Anyway, congratulations on the baby! You guys look like your doin great! Love ya, Diana

elements: overexposed said...

What an exciting job! Sounds like most of my jobs in the past...HAAAAA! Love the pix, love the peeps and especially the beautiful, mystery bride in the background of the first photo! Loves xoxo


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