Saturday, September 22, 2007

hello austin!

Sweet Kajsa's family were nice enough to let a bunch of us come up for the weekend and party it up! And! they even let aaron and I stay over TWO nights! :) Man alive, it was so much fun. We love Sweet Kajsa's family. Especially a cute little sister of hers! :) Kindra was a doll. You'll see some pictures of her in minute! Here are some random shots we took...enjoy!

aaron and gunnar smith. so cute!

the king of bunker hill? no, just a little rock. Cute Aaron has a big wing span!

jalapeno (sorry to all my spanish speaking friends, I don't know how to do an n with a squiggle on top) poppers? I wasn't gutsy enough to try them, but many did and loved these little treats. Notice the cool Texas holder thing. Just another of the many neat things at Kajsa's house!

sweet kindra. she was a hoot! don't worry, the night we came in she was having a High School Musical 2 party...the house was totally decked out in EAST HIGH memorabilia. Too fun! Too bad we were a little too late! :) She totally shared my love of that movie and all things disney channel. Too bad I still haven't seen it yet! GOODNESS! I am such a slacker!

kajsa, you should frame this one. It is too fun. This is Sweet Kajsa's dad, he was great! He is a dentist in Austin and took all of these geeky kids to his INCREDIBLE office. It was so great! And they were such wonderful hosts! I can't believe I don't have any of Kajsa's mom and brother Kade! But go to Kajsa's blog and you can see so many funny pictures of her fun family. I think this one is one of my favorites!

this is a fun one of Brandon and Denise and their cutey Brayden. They are first years that just moved into the ward. You want to hear about an AWFUL pregnancy? Talk to Denise. Not my mom Denise, but this Denise. (well, my mom denise has some pretty good horror stories too, but I think this denise might have her topped). Things like IV's and nausea medicine that they give chemo patients...3times a week? yeah, that is THIS denise. Crazy!

look at this cute little nielson family! I love jaylie's cute little face in this one. Way to go Kip and Kajsa!

the two cute hanks' sisters and little lily smith, just playing by the pool. I wish I had a swimsuit with a little floatation device already inside! How cool would that be. hmmm...on me? wait, that could be so uncool. But for these cute kiddos? very cool.

well team, there you have it. I posted. I being Melissa. I think I am going to post again...because, let's face it, I have much to show and tell. I finally broke down and uploaded ALL of the pictures we've taken in the last while yesterday. So, get ready for some goodness. Oh, and before you go...notice the time I posted this at. Yeah, this seminary thing is really cramping my Saturday sleeping in pattern. My internal alarm clock woke me up....and well, here I am. Not teaching but posting. You are so grateful for that, aren't you? :) More to come soon.

Lots of love to the people of the blogging world.


Kristen said...

Who is that hot guy with the cute little baby boy? Can I get his number? :P

Tim, Melissa & Dylan said...

What fun pictures. That was a fun day! Don't you realize Saturday is a day to catch up on that missed sleep?!?

Kip Kajsa & Jaylie said...

Im glad you took some pictures, bc I did not take any! Thanks for posting them, that was fun. We will have to do it again this fall sometime! And you are so nice--to everyone! I love it!

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Hey fun to see you back in the blogging world! I mean Aaron has kept us pretty well updates (thanks be unto you, aaron)...but it is great to have a little melissa fix. :) You guys look like you are having so much fun.


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