Wednesday, September 26, 2007

dead cats and lots of garbage.

team, you may be wondering what in the heck I'm talking about. Let me warn's sick. What is it?
My life!

So, we missed the garbage day last week. Aaron was going to take it out the night before, but forgot...and I was going to do it in the morning, but slept instead. hmmm....sick, I know. But honestly, we don't generate too much garbage between the two of us. Especially when cereal and milk are our main staples.

Okay, we missed a week. Whatever. Life goes on. I collected it all and was ready to get it all "disposed of" this morning. Went from room to room, chucked my old blowdryer that finally died after SO many great years of service, finally went through some stacks of paper and got rid of random things like old receipts, old envelopes, junk mail, etc. In the end, I had quite a hefty load.

All bundled up and ready to go outside in the backyard with my flip flops on to brave our wild backyard and pull the big can around to the front...when I discovered, to my HORROR, a dead cat. Just lying there right by the trash can. Dead. Not asleep, totally dead.

Pardon me while I lose my Kix.

Luckily I saw it before I ventured up right next to it. This is one of the two cats that has been seen in front of my next door neighbors house. It is/was? (how do I write that?) a yellow/orangey cat. Did it really belong to my neighbor? Do I go tell her? Do I wait for Aaron to get home? Yes. Do I make him "take care of it"? Yes. But, what do we do? Bury it? Throw it away? Ewww.
I hate this topic.

Well, let's take a guess. Did the Wood family get their trash out today? Nope. It's in the garage. The drapes have been closed to the backyard. And me? I'm left alone in my puke. Just kidding! :) I totally didn't throw up! :) Just thought that line would be funny...but now I realize it is really like 5th grade humor gross.
If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


p.s. I was going to post a picture or something to add "visual interest" but, tell me, honestly, what in the heck would I put up? The dead cat? A garbage can? oh well.


Kip Kajsa & Jaylie said...

thats so funny! i mean, gross, but funny! why does it always seem like gross stuff happens to yall? Crazy!

Tim, Melissa & Dylan said...

Once again, you are sooo entertaining! I'm sorry you missed your garbarge day week is bad, but two weeks will be really bad - at least it is for us in this Texas heat. Sorry about the cat. Definitely let Aaron handle that one!!

Joe & Lyssa said...

you should definately get a picture of the dead cat!! lol geez, that stinks, literally. Good job though going through and de-junking your house! Ya good job waiting for Aaron cause seriously, I would never try to tackle that one!

Russ and Nat said...

Ok, listen to this may make you feel a little better. So once upon a day in the 1990's we were living in Highland, Utah and had a deck on the back of our house. Well this particular August day a stink began to occur around the this same time we noticed that our "stray" cat had gone missing. Well...yep it was under the deck.....and the deck only had about a 3 foot crawl space. So my dad told us he would pay $20 to whoever recovered the dead cat. It took 3 of us...myself, my brother Russell, and his friend. Why 3 you ask...because it was SO stinky, and apparently had been dead for a while because its appendages kept coming off!! So we each got a whopping $7.....NOT WORTH IT!!! And later we found out that someone had poisoned all of the cats in our neighborhood.....oh the crime in little old Utah!

melimba said...

natalie! appendages coming off??? that TOTALLY tops my story. Not only do I want to GAG, but now DOUBLE GAG! disgusting.

koryandkatie said...

Gross and funny at the same time?!?! Your blog entries always make me laugh!! You are pretty entertaining!!

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

So sick...gag, gag, gag. And you are pregnant, so add that to the mix of upset stomach and well, yuck.

Katie said...

It's Katie (grover) Spear. I found you on Laura's blog. That's so great to hear you're expecting. I am too, in March. So about one month behind you. I just heard the heartbeat yesterday and it was really neat. I am suffering badly from morning sickness, not fun, but I'm told it's worth it. You should check out my blog. I will add you to my blog roll. So fun to catch up with you. Texas seems fun!

Laura said...

Melissa, that is so gross!! I am so not offended. I have read your blog off and on for a few weeks now and I love to see what you are up to. I will add you to my list. This blogging is so random. I even found Katie Golden the other day through some weird channel, not even on your blog. Anyway. I guess you are expecting. Congrats! I hope you are feeling well.

Dani Carby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dani Carby said...

I haven't read your blog forever. I just read about the dead cat and then was reading the comments people said and that's how I find out you're pregnant!? Gee. Maybe I need to read your blog more often, or maybe Kevin should have known this from Aaron.. or something! It's okay, I guess :) I just wanted to tell you how funny you are! I think you are a great writer, and maybe you should write a book or something. I don't know what you would write it about.. but it's a good idea. Also, My sister in-law is going to have a baby and mentioned she would like to make cards and sell them. I immediately thought of you. Do you have a website or anything? I want to tell her about you.


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