Thursday, August 9, 2007

roar...and other stuff

i have been really into drawing animals lately. Remember how I used to (I asked that question like you were there and remember with me--ok, you don't remember, but I do!)-- get so mad at Jesse (my brother) for making fun of me that I wanted to work at a pet store when I was older. He always would say, "Melissa, that is like saying that you want to work at a gas station when you grow up!" how rude! I thought it would be so cool to hold all the animals and play with them all day... FAST FORWARD to NOW --- I am soooooo not an animal person. Sure, I like the little puppy and tiny kitten to hold for a little bit, then I'm done. and, FYI, I hate HaTe hATe little rodents. eaqsah! Just the thought of them makes me cringe.

I think it is because I was a child of California earthquakes...the ground shifted and the mice came. It's like the song, "The Wise Man and the Foolish Man" tune... "the earth shook up and the mice came out, the earth shook up and the mice came out..." (i love primary). Seriously, it was awful. I remember going with my mom to Ace hardware and learning that ALL of the mouse traps were sold out...we had already been to the grocery store too...SOLD OUT! I remember we would be sitting around the dinner table or wherever and if you stopped to listen at any one time, you could hear several traps going off around our house!!!! agah! Just remembering it gets me sick to my tummy. :) gag. I am deathly afraid of all things that creep, scurry, crawl and scamper (take a time out = Babies crawl...they don't fall into the "hate" category).

Anyway, enough memoirs as to my disturbed childhood (it's not your fault, mom). I have been doing a lot with the computer and animal/bug drawings and much so, that I have pulled out my wrist brace. yuck. I haven't really pulled it out since college.

So, here's what we've been up to in the last two days.
do you have any guesses as to what I might be making? Hmmm...I'll leave you to your guessing. I'll post the project as soon as I am finished...I think it will be done today.
Get excited. I am. Aaron is too.
Now, these cute kiddos are our neighbors. Well, AR-Jenni (I have NO idea how to spell his name, but that is the pronunciation) and TOE-mas (thomas with a Porto Rican accent) is his cousin that have just come to stay for a few months? indefinitely? But we LOVE our cute Porto Rican family next door. They are great! I practice my rusty rusty spanish with arjenni and he practices his english with me (he is really really good for only living here a little longer than a year!)...anyway, they are so cute. Every time they see me and I am coming home with groceries or whatever, they ask if they can help me carry stuff in. And then they give me hugs all the time (which, I am definitely not a "hug" kind of girl -never really have been, but they are just so cute). Here they are playing in the backyard. Aaron took some pictures. Yes, Arjenni is doing a back flip off of the ladder. Here's the play by play... don't worry, as soon as I know backflips were happening in the 3 foot pool, I put an end to that. How UNcool would it be for a broken neck, I ask? Nope, not on my watch. (yes, I am doctor).

oh, and if you haven't heard the new Colbie Caillat cd...get hearin' soon. (click on this link and you can listen to her songs on her website...left hand side). It is pure delightful. I love each song on the compact disc. True enjoyment. Thanks becca, you're the
lots of love to my peeps. adios. oh, and thanks for the birthday wishes. all ya'll were so nice. :)


Kip Kajsa & Jaylie said...

hey your pool looks great again! your neighbors are cute, they are so nice. your so talented with all your arts and crafts stuff, fun!

Mike and Kelly said...

Oh, I think I know what you are up to. Post the finished product soon. You are so crafty, and cunning.

Jordan & Jandee said...

Melissa...I am guessing you are making a cute cowboy quilt for a little baby boy you are about to have? Am I right? Either way I love the embroidery, too bad you don't live in Utah all the time to quilt with us! I love Colbie too....I've been listening to her song bubbly for like three days straight.... oh and to answer the questions you posted on my blog, we are moving this week and next week!

Kristen said...

SO CUTE! I love the quilt. I just might have to commission you to make Gunnar one!

You are the second person to suggest Colbie to me and I think I will take a listen. She must be good.

marc and michelle said...

Looks like fun melis...the quilt looks awesome! You are quite the talented girl! Your little drawing is cute too. YOu really are amazing.

Rebecca said...

So I saw you mentioned Colbie and I thought dern if she doesn't mention the blessing of having me in her life , I might get mad. But alas it was all good. Oh my goodness! Your little blocks, can we say adorable. very very cute. I want one. bad. so is it just the cactus and brown flannel that you're using. what are you going to do with it. these are better phone questions that commenting on a a blog. we are home now. ok bye.

Leslie said...

Super duper cute, you're so talented! Can't wait to see the finished product!


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