Thursday, August 16, 2007


eww. so, you want to hear a sick story? I'm sure you are saying to yourself, "Yes, please." ok, i'll tell.

So, it was about 2:00 this afternoon and I was typing via Google Chat to Aaron at school. He was telling me that he was bored in class, and I was telling him about all of the billions of things I've been scanning into my computer.

I told him, "Huh, I guess I haven't eaten lunch yet." (is that even a word? "eaten") We both agreed that I should go eat. Nuff said.


So, I go to grab my usual for when I'm home and not working, my big bottle of Pace Picante salsa from costco and then the big 3 lb. bag of tortilla strips (also from my favorite store, costco). Today, I decide to get a little gutsy with my sandwich, so instead of pulling out the usual mayo and lettuce, I grab the ranch dressing instead. I know, gutsy, but it was just one of those adventurous days. So, I do that, add cheese and turkey and put it in our toaster oven. Nuff said, right? Wrong!

As I am sitting down at the kitchen table with "Return to Me" on in the family room, I start eating my chips and salsa. Alls well, until I feel a little "tickle wickle" on my hand. I look down at my wrist to see a little black ant. "Huh?" I thought to myself. "How on earth did a little black ant get up here, did climb all the way up my body?" and then I look at my plate!!!!!

CHIPS COVERED IN ANTS!!!!! I was so into the movie and my normal routine that I didn't even LOOK to see what I was shoving in my mouth! WHAT?! EWWW SICK! I notice I have a weird after-taste in my mouth and I think to myself, "How many disgusting ants did I just swallow!?!??!??!"

gag. gag. gag. sick sick sick!

So, I look inside the bag of chips...TONS of ants crawling around inside! Then to my horror, I look at the bottom of my pantry and see even more crawling on some cans of food, my beloved 3 gallon vat of Hawaiian Soy Sauce, and other food stuff. Eww.

So, I chucked a few things in a big black trash bag, including a brand-new-never-opened box of Honey Bunches of Oats...Aaron said that I surely could have salvaged that...and that the bag is sealed inside, but I didn't want to open up the box and wipe off any more ants (see they were crawling out of the little seams of the box). EWWWWGHSHsh galskjgal;sdfkja;lsdjkf!!!!!

sick sick sick! just thinking of it all, makes me itch.

Was there a happy ending? Did I get to eat my delicious sandwich in the end? Well, I ate about three bites and had no appetite. So, I tossed my sandwich in the big black bag with the ants...hopefully they enjoyed it as their final meal....because promptly after I squired a bunch of RAID Ant Killer spray in there to kill those little punks.
Die ants, die.


Hannah said...

Sick!! I hope you didn't eat any! Good for you for killing them!

Did I tell you yet that I loved your quilt?!?! I would never attempt such a project. You are amazing..

Mike and Kelly said...

Welcome to Texas. Let me tell you that ants can get through anything, even the plastic wrappers, so you were good to throw away the cereal. I would recommend tupperware for EVERYTHING! Plus some good bugspray every month. I know this because you can't live in apartments with out getting bugs at some point. Good Luck!

marc and michelle said...

dumb dumb stupid ants! I can't believe it, what a horrible thing for them to do! Especially to get into some of your favorites. I really hope that you didn't end up eating any of them.

The Basil's said...

sick! i hate ants and we have them in our house sometimes and i can't be rid of them. i've never eaten any though.... yuck... so sorry to hear!

Jordan & Jandee said...

this is funny! I can empathize because i love Love LOVE Return to me and can get sucked into movies!

Russ and Nat said...

So my mom told me that when we used to live in Texas we didn't have ants, but cockroaches!! She said one time she was cooking rice on the stove, left it there for about 10 minutes uncovered came back to find floating legs everywhere! Needless to say she kept a lot of things in the fridge!

Rebecca said...

oh my goodness. I am at work reading that in this deadly silent building and I am laugh out loud laughing and I had to stop reading because it was too awkward with the other girl I don't know reading her book silently. Tears are rolling down my cheeks. Maybe you should be a writer.

Leslie said...

Hey, we got ant infested at Lake Powell too! They even made it in the fridge. Sick....I hate ants, flies, spiders, and of these pesky little creatures that think they can invade our homes...honestly...the nerve...

Kristen said...

LOL! Argh, you were nice thought to give them one last meal. I once drank a soda at a picnic that was left on the bench for 10 minutes. I thought it was weird that I was swallowing chunks and when I poured it out there was about 15 bees in it. I felt violated as well.


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