Tuesday, January 16, 2007

we're iced in...

Well, today work is cancelled and so is the dental school...and everything else.

There are major ice storms today and it is slick slick slick.

So, I just want to say this...I have tried 3 times...count them...3 times, to update the blog. You see, I have two blogs. One for my future "business venture" and one for aaron and me, and I kept posting our new year's stuff on the wrong blog. It was extremely frustrating and I gave up blogging for a while.

But, so all of my efforts won't be in vain, I will give you a link to my other blog and you can see the post I made at the beginning of January. We have a few shots of the Christmas break on there too. So, get excited.


Yesterday there was no school for aaron because of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. And now, today no school again. For the past two nights we have partied it up with our friends the Bates and the Neilsens. We watched the 24 season premiere and then conclusion of the premier last night, and then because we found out no one had to go to work or school, we watched S.W.A.T. and ate brownies. It was funny. No, really it was so TENSE. I had the worst headache as we were coming home. I can't handle that much drama in one night.

So, what is on the docket for today? Probably some Rummikub, Electronic Catch Phrase (two new presents we got for Christmas)...it is really funny to play Catch Phrase with the two of us. We've played it a bunch. So...games? movies? trying to see which neighbors have different seasons of 24 ? Maybe. We shall see.

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Marc & Michelle said...

Hey, it is so great to hear that the two of you are alive! I've been wondering with all the ice storms (etc) how you were doing. As always it is fun to hear what you have been doing. I hope that you are enjoying your day off and having fun just spending time together. loved the pictures on your "other blog". Thanks for sharing.


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