Saturday, January 27, 2007

brothers and sisters of the world

Hi y'all.

Melissa and I had a really great day. We did so much fun stuff. We had a blast. It was great.

We went to Dillard's and returned some pants melissa bought for me around... beginning of december? The store was nice and let us return them. THAt was so fun!

Melissa then went to look for some shoes for work. I think that is her favorite hobby since we moved here. She stands on her feet all day long so our life goal now is to find the most comfortable shoes ever. And they have to pass the "look awesome" test. Plus, they can't be flip-flops because that is not very classy.

We found some awesome Crocs:
and we also found out they can go in water! YEAH! (shoe purchase is awaiting approval from melissa's boss)

then we had a really great time driving to Northstar Mall
Oh, and I also almost forgot... we went to the container store. Man oh man boy howdy. If there is something in the world you can think of... a shoe, basketball, bug, lettuce, cold cereal... this store has thought of a storage solution!

Then we had so much of a good time heading over to The Cheesecake Factory. It was so delicious we couldn't help but have a really good time.

We were sitting next to a guy that was wearing a cowboy hat. I think he was a cowboy. We love texas.

Then we had some more fun driving by the airport (well, i had fun watching the planes and melissa had fun looking at some paper/supply/hangy stuff store that was by the airport).

We tried to get lost again as we drove home. But this time we made it without driving to the southside of town. If you don't know about the southside, last night we tried to go to a spurs game and ended up... well. really lost. We got to the game just as the halftime show was starting (at least we didn't miss the dancers at half time! OUCH... melissa just slapped me belly.)

OK. peace out.

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