Friday, December 1, 2006

it's the most wonderful time...

Get excited...we are.

This is our little merry Christmas house. Aaron and I had spent all night driving around trying to figure out what kind of tree to do...fake or real, big or small, expensive or many decisions. After, what? five different stores, we gave up and headed home. It had been a long day, and we were in two different cars (I had been working all day and met him at the stores). He got home a minute or two before me, and as I pulled into the driveway this is what I saw. I had been so sad that Christmas trees were so expensive and we had gone to this craft store that had literally sucked the Christmas spirit out of us, and was just exhausted...and then when I saw this sight, I burst into tears! Aaron had put up all the lights that day and kept it all a secret!

Here is our beautiful little Red Oak. Trees here in Texas don't really change to fall colors...but luckily ours did! Just like it's description, it turned RED! Just in time for Christmas * ha * Really, and truly, it just started changing colors and it is, what? december 1st? We'll take it though! Above is a little close up of how beautiful it is with all of the lights! Aaron and I sometimes go outside and just stare at it.

Oh, did I mention this was in our living room too? Just the box, fortunately. * Ha! Aaron and I have always joked that one day we would have a huge front yard FULL of these little...I mean BIG blowup delights. It was on sale for $30 at Walmart. 8 feet full of fun, is what I say. But, we're not going to keep it. That money can buy a really good Christmas gift instead. Oh, and can we take a time out and look at the little girl on the box? Is that creepy to anyone else? I am taking it too far, but it looks like she is a Nazi youth. Can I write that on my sweet Christmas blog? Probably not, but I just did.

It's a good thing we're returning it. *

To bring you into the Christmas cheer, I am going to show you this wonderful website. I happened upon this singer SUFJAN STEVENS...well, Aaron happened upon him, and then I found this site of his Christmas Wonderment---let me prepare you, it is AMAZING. He has 5 CD's FULL of Christmas music (old time favorites AND new goodies). Just, just listen to it! You can listen to all of the cds by clicking on the icons at the bottom. My favorite one is the HARK! cd. You'll see why. I have the webpage marked as a "favorite" and I just click on it and have it playing, well, pretty much ALL of the time.

Click on this. You won't regret it.

Here is a little preview into what I have been doing for a few weeks now. Aaron and I don't have too many ornaments, so I decided to make some to match our stockings. I'll post those later. Felt is my new fabric. It is fantastic and I love it. Love love love it. FYI. Well, I am so excited for Christmas, I even pulled out my jingle bell that Sarah gave me years ago, and put it on my necklace. Feeling good. Merry merry merry to you.


Rebecca said...

Melissa. oh my cuteness, your ornaments are precious. you must have had a great mother to teach you so many wonderful little tricks like making your own ornaments. go to and look at her handmade things for the season, she takes paper little circles and glues them to string to make a cute garland and she makes all these ornaments with old christmas cards. be sure to look. love you.

Marc & Michelle said...

So fun...Aaron props to you for making Melissa's day! You are great, seriously what an awsome husband. I love the ornaments are so crafty (not in the mysterious or devious way). I am glad to see that Christmas is well and alive in Texas!

All about the Zimmerman's said...

OH such a fun time of the year! And yes, Aaron is a trooper! The house looks awesome! And so do those cute little ornaments. Those look like something out of Martha Stewarts magazine! Melissa, you are quite the crafter!!

Marc & Michelle said...

hey, i am guessing you are busy, but i keep waiting for an update! Let us know if ou two little texans are still alive! Hope all is well.


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