Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thanksgiving in Utah 2012 - Benny's baby blessing

Well, we decided to make the flight up to Utah for Thanksgiving for a few reasons. 1) No one had really had the chance to meet our Benny boy IN THE FLESH, 2) We could bless this baby boy around all our family, 3) Thanksgiving=feasting! Why feast alone when we could feast with family! Aaron had that Saturday off (which hardly ever happens at this office), so we capitalized on it and took a flight to Utah. Aaron took a few pics as we were boarding (something I'm never thinking of, b/c flying with kids is one of my MOST stressful parenting activities).

The kids did wonderfully (duh! look at them in their mini first class accommodations. sheesh!)! Benny was pretty much a dream boat and slept the majority of the flight. Boo yah! 

Auntie Emmy happened to be in Utah at the same time (hooray for that!) so we got some fun family hangout time in! Most of these pics are self explanatory, so I'll let the pics do the talking:

My parents recently renovated their downstairs family room and I love it.
They printed our summer photo on a foam board. It turned out pretty fun.

The baby blessing! We did a joint/combined blessing night with Adam and Kate since their little Elliott was born a week after Benny boy. Such fun! It was a wonderful night being surrounded by our very favorite people. This is our team. These are our people. We are so lucky.
Uncle Baby Jesse even made it! Benny was happier about that fact then he is letting on...

The baby mamas.
The dads and Benny raising the roof.
ALL the WOOD men. Amazing! As Aaron said, "all the heirs to the throne." Thank you for that.

baby swap. which witch is which? Stinkers!
Eli is blissfully slumbering while Benny is like, "Uh, what is going on here?!"
The grandmas!
This next pic is probably my most favorite of the night. Do you love how Cal is surrounded by all this crazy amounts of food?! HAHA! He was in heaven!

The Woods had just recently renovated their kitchen and this was my first time seeing it! Look at how beautiful it is!!!! I die! Everything about it is just beautiful!

It was a wonderful night and we're so happy that we had the support and love our families.
The rest of the time, we just played and hung out! The best!

Aaron made a colossal sandwich. Amazing!

Max let Cal use his Batman mask with Krieg. Cal was in heaven.
Decorating Nana and Papa's tree!
Bowling with the Snyder crew
Rice Crispy houses! Clever Nana! I love how she's forcing Cal to smile and look at camera!
Aaron took one for the team and was on Benny duty. :)
He was so pleased with his handy work. HA!
Aaron helping his dad and brothers put up Christmas lights! Good thing he had practice doing ours at home before we left!
All in a day's work. ha!
Getting ready to head off sans shoes, so Dad was the hero and held them.

Get a load of that backdrop! Sheesh! Alpine is the best.
Twin babies!

Love these shots with Grandma and Grandpa Wood!

Facetime with Becca in Texas! Sad she had to stay behind!

Movie night with Papa. They watched ELF and loved every second of it.

I die. These two.
Cutting out the new window seat for my cushion back in Tejas. We thought it made a nice backdrop for Benny. He was a little unsure about the idea...
Papa helped put him at ease.

Smiley baby boy!
Fishing with Grandpa!
Setting up the Christmas village with Grandma Wood. I love Grandma Petty made all these sweet little buildings.
lunch with the Starr kids!

The live nativity in Alpine. Pretty fun to have both sets of grandparents there!
Grandpa sang in the choir, so Til came and gave him a little hug.

Showing Tillie the original owner of the jams she was wearing. Too cute!

Nana is a pro at getting babies to sleep on her lap at church. Every baby she meets she can do it! AMAZING! Benny was no exception! Love those squishy lips!

Lizzy was responsible for that darling Christmas mantel. Look how fun and Christmasy it all looks!
The hex backsplash is amazing! 

My had is still not able to open all the way. I don't understand why it's so crazy! This is in the morning right after I woke up. I hope we figure it out!

Last but not least, Benny enjoying his time by the tree. Sweet baby! Sweet fun in Utah! 
Until next time!

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