Friday, December 7, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas in Texas and mini-love 2012

We're decking the halls, up in here! Christmas in a new house is such a fun endeavor! All the possibilities! All the new decorations we can do! Such fun! We're on the hunt for a new, tall, skinny Christmas tree. Calvin and I checked out the local Walmart to see what they had. I took a shot for Aaron to see a tree with potential---but that cheery cherub face makes the shot! I heart this Calvin boy!

My friends and I were discussing books, I told them I don't read very much anymore (hello, this new baby is taking most of my free time these days!) and they dubbed me a "non-reader" or as they'd say, "She's not a reader..." which was very funny. Guilty! Or so I thought! As I was going to bed that night, I looked at my nightstand and saw all the books I was in the middle of! HA! I AM A READER! But, sadly, I only read self-help books! Is that crazy? Really, they are pretty much ALL self help books.  Oh well, I recognize I need lots of help. I'm not afraid to admit it.
Another tid-bit about me (thanks for asking!) is that I love ANYTHING mini! Mini vaseline is no exception! I about died of cuteness overload. You better believe I bought it in the check out line. 

Speaking of mini... I love mini people! I LOVE THIS BABY!!! It's not a great picture, I know. But I am constantly kissing these chunky cheeks. That is one of the biggest things I miss about my big kids---not having ALL ACCESS to those kissable cheeks! So, I'm taking full advantage of Benny's inability to push me away! MUAH! MUAH! smooch! smooch! squish! squish!

Mini balding men also top my list! 

Good bye FALL decor. All six pumpkins of you.  I need to step up my game.

Christmas time in the city! Let's do this thing!

We never did find a new tree for the right price, so we are using our hand-me-down tree another year. Fine by me! Perhaps we find one at an after-Christmas-sale.

Ahhh, there she is! Looking so happy, cheery, and bright! I love Christmas lights! Aaron has converted me to colored lights. Just so happy.
A sleeping baby in the Christmas light glow is even happier.

Aaron surprised me by putting up a string of lights on the porch and he even lit up the front tree. BRAVO, my dear! Bravo!

All tuckered out after getting their decoration on. I love when I stumble upon a scene like this.

Latest Craigslist find? A new HUGE chalkboard from a preschool in Plano! I am thrilled because it FITS like a JEWEL on the wall in our family room. I see many a fun message/picture/drawing of this beauty. !!! And it was so cheap too! I'm so proud of myself. The color is perfect too.  Ahh, way to go, Melissa!!!  Keep scrolling to the end of the post to see it hung in all it's glory. You can thank me later.

Speaking of glory, Aaron installed all my kitchen hardware (well, all except the big drawers---I'm still unsure of what to do on those drawers!). I love it! Makes is so much easier to get inside those darn drawers, and looks so good all the while. Bravo, Aaron!
Benny was also so proud of his dad's accomplishments! Way to go, Dad!

Whoop! There it is! Don't you love it!? ME TOO!!!! Looks so great! One of my favorite purchases to date!

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