Tuesday, December 15, 2009


tillie got her first ever legit hair cut.

she is perfect no matter what her hair looks like (now it's a darling little bob), but I have to admit, I'm a little sad that the bulk of her little darling curls have gone the way of the wind.

Our friend, Bre, was the master behind the scissors, and let me tell you... she is talented. When little Tillie decided that she'd rather die than get her hair cut (she displayed this by constantly turning her head and screaming at the top of her lungs)---Bre was able to do a top notch job. (p.s. don't mind my lovely outfit or large belly).

We went to Walmart and got some grocery essentials in life. That, as always, is a thrill. ... not really. But, I'm happy to have milk & tortillas in my life, and in celebration of Matilda's new do, I picked out some new little clippies for her hair.

Then life happened, like normal, for the rest of the day until I decided that it was time to work on some Christmas presents. Matilda was snug in her crib, Aaron has been busily studying for his big BOARD exam this next week, and I've *somewhat* accomplished my daily "must do" tasks. So, I pulled out most of my paints, my favorite paint brush, some fancy pants paper and got to work.

Four hours later, my back is killing me (hello 9 months pregnant on kitchen chair) but my heart feels good.

Remember how I was a painting/drawing major? Remember how I used to paint for hours every day? Well, life doesn't allow for me to do that very often these days, but when it does happen, it makes my whole self feel so glad.

Don't get me wrong, I don't regret where I am and the path I've chosen (aka pregnant mom and wife)---of which, honestly, lots of days I think, "How do I get to be this lucky? and doing what I get to do each day?"--- but occasionally, it does feel good to pump up some really wonderful Sufjan Steven's Christmas music, leave the dishes in the sink, not worry about anything in the world, and paint whatever I'd like. I realize, though, if I did this everyday, all that would be left is an achy back, dirty home, sad child, and sad me.

So, for today, painting was good. In the meantime, computers are great because I get to still be creative and do things without all the cleanup! Here are a few things I've been able to do lately:

...and there's a bunch more, but I'm not in the mode to take pictures of it all (seeing as it is 11:16 p.m.). But, I'll post a few of the painting I finished and started once I have good light tomorrow.

Well, that was tonight.

Life is good.

oh, and my Christmas playlist is up on the blog for your listening enjoyment. and, p.s. I LoVe the new song "The Christmas Song" by Owl City. You should totally check it out (it's somewhere on my playlist).


emily snyder said...

i am not loving seeing TWO pictures of tillie crying - screaming - in TWO days!! are you torturing that poor girl??

i LOVE that you got to paint!! are you going to show us pictures???

love you LOTS!

Adams Family said...

cute new 'do!!!

thanks for the new song.
i am LOVING it!!! :)

Hotchkiss said...

word. ok her hair is the darlingest. I am just a little bit sad that she looks like a big girl and not a baby. But now she has a short bob like the rest of us girls, so it fits.
Way to go on the Christmas playlist. It rocks. Well I had to scroll through all the Sufjan and McLachlan (ya know- old news) but I'm loving this Lenka stuff. Good work.

Rebecca Snyder said...

ok that comment was actually mine, not some creepo stalker or something.

Rebecca Snyder said...

So I just looked at the post again, you could say this is the first picture of tillie and her little brother. they are embracing really nicely.

Becker said...

Melis, there is a quote by President Packer that my husband and I adopted during what was a really challenging time for us in '07, but which I think you have DOWN. "Have joy in ordinary things and keep your sense of humor." I love the way you relish the simple things and are thereby happy almost all of the time. Thanks for your example.

Tyler and Erin said...

Love her cute little doo! I can't believe your baby is almost here! You really are looking great. I can't wait to see your paintings and I absolutely love all your cards. So so talented you are!

Holly said...

Love, love, LOVE! your christmas mix. I just pop out the player and listen all day. :)

Poor Tillie that looks so adorable in her new do! Soon enough she will be just like my Miss J who BEGS to go have her hair done at the salon!

Can't wait to see that new little boy and your new artwork!! Congrats (on both!!)


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