Friday, December 4, 2009

busy beavers...

So, it's been a busy last few weeks from us. And, while I've started another post with pictures clear back from Halloween, I thought it would be good to announce what's happening this weekend. I'm doing a booth at a Holiday Open House on Saturday from 11-3 with my melimba stuff.

Here's the flyer for more details (for you San Antonio people).

My good friend, Kristen, is putting it all together and asked me a while back to participate. I've never done a little Holiday Fair before, so I'm not quite sure what to expect. But, I'm gonna be prepared! If you are in the area, come stop by. Because, you see, I made a lot of cookies today (9 dozen to be exact for all the things we have going on this weekend). And, if you come, you can say, "Hi!", do some holiday shopping, and get some treats. Win win, I'd say.
(here are the cookies that are cooling as I type---p.s. Kristen Smith, yes, these are totally home-made from scratch, no Betty Crocker cookie pouches. Crazy, I know. You would love these, because they are the real deal. I may or may have not used both margarin AND butter. I thought of you the whole time I made them and thought you should know).


I've been wanting to clear out all of my old Holiday cards that I made (any leftovers I'll post in my etsy shop). You see, they were all hand-painted and then sewn. And, with Matilda in my world, not to mention another kiddo here in about 5 minutes (or 5 weeks), I've decided that I am going to discontinue these types of cards. So, I'm clearing them out. Here's a shot of some of them in a little display thing I inherited a while back:



Here's what I've been creating as of late for the event:


and I'm especially excited about these new pins (I'm also selling hats and mittens along with them)!!





I'm also selling a bunch of things that I have in my shop as well, so if you want to come on down to check it out, do it!

Okay, one last thing, before I leave, I have to tell you what happened this morning. Aaron has a big interview for school today that we've been anticipating for a long time. Well, as he was getting ready to leave, in his freshly ironed shirt and sharp looking suit, I looked up and noticed his hair was a little different. Like I've shared before, most days Aaron doesn't spend ANY time in the mirror, so I was a little surprised.

So, I asked, "Did you put something in your hair?" And he nodded yes.
I asked, "What was it?"
He responded with, "Some green stuff that you have on the bathroom counter."
Knowing that I have multiple hair products in green packaging, I asked, "Which kind?"
He said, "I don't know, it's the kind you squeeze out in your hand and it's all white."

Now, out of the two of us, Aaron is usually the BRAINS of the operation, but it felt nice that for once I knew more about something. It's called mousse.

Nice. A little hair mousse for a little something extra. Good thinking, Aaron. He looked good. Hope today went well. And, if nothing else, at least his hair looked nice.

Ta ta for now.


Kristen said...

so I was reading thinking oh, she must not be talking about me b/c I know I am not helping with a holiday show. and then I saw you gave me a shout out. good job baking, yum! and I want some flowers.

annie and jared said...

melissa.. you are unreal. how do you do it all?? i want that blue flower pin so bad it hurts.. guess i will stop by your shop!

Adams Family said...

those flower pins are ADORABLE!! love them!!

i wish i could've made it over to the fun craftiness on saturday!...too much sickness going on over

i ALSO missed your shower last week.

double boo.

i blame it all on my sick whiny and poor miserable children!

i HATE this yucky sickness...hopefully it will pass soon and i will have my life and my happy kiddos back.

poor me.
poor kids.
poor husband.

poor me. i do have a gift for you...i need to drop if off soon! :)


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