Saturday, March 15, 2008

shower power part 2

let's talk about this cake... Sandi, Kajsa's mom made it and brought it up from Austin?!
Can you believe the skill here? She was so great and had so many fun ideas!! Oh, and I felt like I was committing a HUGE sin cutting into this amazing cake. It was so sad! but then, it was so DELICIOUS too!

Okay, get ready for this goodness. Melissa Jessop, Kajsa Nielson and her mom Sandi went ALL out for this shower for Tejas friends & wardies (oh, and I had no idea that Cheri and Valerie were in on the goodness too... they showed up with food and delights galore!!). It was so great... who knew that people had nothing better to do on a Thursday night?! Golly, we had quite the turn out and I can't believe it all!

All's I can say is this: one lucky baby (oh, she just kicked her foot up in agree-ance).

the pregnant ladies of the group!
in order from left to right: Kajsa (her house is where the shin-dig was held...mind you, she is SUPER sick with pregnancy pains, yet you would never know it!), Kristen Brininstool (my super cute coworker who happens to live down the street - I couldn't believe she had never met all of her cute neighbors that go to church with me, so we had to change that!), sweet Jen Wildey (her husband, Rex, is a dental student with Aaron, and we totally love them), Melissa Jessop (she is another of the beauties who lives a stone's throw away, and we are super great friends!) Me (who, because of the color of shirt I am wearing and the lighting factor, can't tell that I am SUPER pregnant-ha!), and cute Danielle Cuellar (she was due yesterday! no baby yet...but they are going to induce her on Monday!) ----whew! did you get all that?!

cute favors... again from kajsa & her mom

more cute favors... did you know that Kajsa separated ALL these M& M's out?? if that isn't love, I don't know what is!

even MORE favors! yeah, crazy fun, right?

we remembered at the end that I had my camera and hadn't really taken ANY pictures of live bodies (where was my head?!) Here is Jami Black, me (with some strange shiny line down my belly, love that), Jill Rupp and Lyssa Zimmerman (the last two I went to high-school with and we are all here for our dental husbands... small world!)

onesie decorating table. Yeah, I know, mind reels that there could be more. There were patches and little crystals where people could decorate onesies for the bebe. They turned out SOO cute! I need to take some pictures of those for your viewing pleasure too!

food. delicious food. presented so beautifully!

Yeah, team, can you believe it?? It was so much fun! I am sad I didn't get EVEN more pictures of all the wonderful people who showed up! It was crazy fun and, again, I am so in shock that people are so incredibly generous to help us get ready for this little whipper snapper. I'm shaking my head as I type in disbelief. Truly, thank you to all my gal pals for such goodness!


Hannah said...

Holy Cow! That looks like some AMAZING shower! You look adorable!

Sarah said...

What a cute cute awesome shower! Lucky girl! (Both girls)

Lyssa said...

Whoa! You have been quite the busy bee! That was so fun Melissa. I"m so glad you had fun too and can't wait for this little bundle of joy to come out!! You've got lots of love everywhere!!

Tim, Melissa & Dylan said...

You guys definitely deserve all this! We are so excited for you and can't wait for your baby to arrive!

Your shower was so much fun! I'm glad the turnout was so great!

Jordan & Jandee said...

wow I just love all the pink & brown going on, such beautiful showers!

azufelt said...

The shower really was fantastic! Kudos to those we participatedin throwing it! ANd the cake- absolutelty decadent, seriously!I'm so excited for you Melissa! I can't stinkin' wait!

Tilane said...

Wow! That's an amazing shower! Good luck with the soon-to-be birth! Remember me from the bow making night?

elements: overexposed said...

Wow Gal! You are one lucky girl. What a beautiful and perfect shower! Kajsa and her mom did a great job. So many cute things! Sure wish I could have been there! Nothin' but good times!


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