Tuesday, January 22, 2008

my version... i know you've been waiting for it.

Yes, team.  We really did celebrate our 3rd anniversary at the Monster Truck Rally.  Who's decision was that?  I'll give you ONE guess.  How romantic was that?  :)  Suuuuuper romantic. Okay, Okay, it is easy to make fun, but truly, it was great.  I mean, where else can you see millions of people standing up and applauding a truck on fire?  Or people going crazy when the huge truck flips on it's side and loses a wheel??  Seriously, it was awesome.  The sheer size of these machines was... well, hmm... what's the word... neato!!  It was fun.

Now granted, we ended up being there for over 3 hours before I said, "ok, hon. we gotta go." It wasn't that I wasn't thoroughly enjoying myself, but more of the fact that we were in the absolute middle of row, hard plastic seats, didn't have time for a "real" dinner, and being extremely pregnant, and it was 10:30 p.m. --- I was ready.  Too bad that they still had about 8 more trucks?!  Yeah, nuts.  

How did we decide on such an event to ring in our 3rd year?  Well, let me explain.  For the first time in a while, we both had a Saturday free.  I've been eyeing some things at Ikea in Austin and been begging to go the flea market there too.  So, the day time was dedicated to things that I wanted to do and the night was up to him.  He chose Monster Trucks... I chose to shop till we dropped. 

Austin Flea Market?  Yeah, skip it.  Wait!  Unless you want used electronics or crazy Mexican music... or disgusting old clothes.  Yep, that's the only reason why you should venture there. Ok, to be fair, they did have some cool cowboy boots (none that I was SuPer thrilled about though) and Aaron did get this UT hat...  Go Texas!

Afterwards, we went to Macaroni Grill (Aaron had never been) and it was delicious.  Then to Ikea to buy this lovely for the baby's room.  It is TOO cute.  I am in love.  I want the whole line. We both HEART ikea.  We decided we always want to live near one. Then to the San Marcos Outlets.  We decided that is our kind of Flea Market.  You know, the kind that don't actually have fleas?  ha.  good times.  

So, there is the explanation.  Take it or leave it.

p.s. do you want to hear a great song? check out Rihanna "Hate that I love you".  I'm loving it. You should too.


Anonymous said...

I heart Ikea too! So, Jared's family is from LA. Every time we go visit we don't see Disnyland, knott's berry farm, chinese theatre, none of that, because we're Mexican. And when you're Mexican, you go to the flea market to get cheap socks, little De La Hoya boxing gloves, and knock off jerseys for your 2 year old. Honestly, his LA family doesn't understand why he likes it so much. Let's not mention anything about a flea market located in Austin in Jared's presence. Deal? We can still be friends.

annie and jared said...

hey i have that same dresser, we use it as a dresser/changing table for our litte olive. ikea is wonderful. i enjoyed your story about the monster truck rally, made me laugh. sounds like aaron is quite the romantic:)
-annie used to be cosper now bingham

Rebecca said...

yo. thanks for the song suggestion. Summer and I have been listening to it multiple times, thank you seeqpod. If you have a free moment and want to tell me your opinion of bread pudding that mom and I made over Christmas.... that would be cool. I have to write a paper on it. Love ya. and Aaron and the baby to come.

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

I love your version of the anniversary too! You guys are too funny, but seriously cool. Marc and I just decided we are going to a Monster Truck Rally one day. :) Also, I love IKEA too! I am so happy to have one so close now! IT has been awesome. I am excited to get a few purchases before we head off to dental school...seeing as how we have never bought any furniture since we got married (Lucky for us we get most of my grandparents old furinature, but I jsut want a few selesct items). :)

Dani Carby said...

WOW AARON! Hah! Hasn't he shaved that beard yet? I definitely thought when we saw him on Christmas that he would be close to cutting it. He's so funny!


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