Thursday, January 10, 2008

has it been that long?

so, let's not take notice of the last time we posted. ok? ok, thanks.

new year. new post. new beginnings. new pictures to post. get excited.

please take note that most of the Christmas pictures will be posted at a later date...seeing that I didn't bring the camera to Utah, and my sister Lizzy (age 11) got a digital camera for Christmas---well, let's just say there are lots of pictures taken and it might be a while before they are actually downloaded to the computer. So, until then, you will have to see what we have been up to since we arrived back in Tejas.
Christmas, by the way, was completely wonderful. We LOVED being in Utah with our families and dear friends. It was a good "escape" from what we call "REAL life." However, we are also glad to be back into the swing of things here...oh, and did I mention the high is supposed to be 74 degrees today? Yeah. Thanks, Texas.

Here is a picture from what is the most EXCITING purchase thus far in my life. I did my research and was going to spring for a fancy pants crib that was beautiful (dark AND white wood)...but alas, decided to go for something totally classic in the same style that has been around for years and years. It is SO fun to actually have started a "BABY" category in our Quicken program. I have a feeling that the category "arts & crafts" isn't going to have the highest expenditures for long! :)

Now, you may be wondering, "What is that darling thing draping off the corner of the new beautiful crib?" Well, I'll tell you what, it's a little quilt my mom made the day she found out we were having a girl! She is such a hoot. Let's see s'more detail, ok? ok.

I know, I know. You are all jealous. But, sorry. Don't be such haters. Just be lovers of the goodness. So, one day I will be able to whip things out like this...but until that day happens, I'll keep buying beautiful fabrics like these found at Broadbents in Lehi.

Aaron was thrilled to find out that I had bought even more fabric this trip. As the lady was cutting it, she asked me what I was making. I had to think about it for a bit and then answered, "Something completely wonderful. I'm not sure what exactly it will be, but it will be wonderful." Yeah, Aaron loves answers like that. See, this would be one of those things that go into the "arts & crafts" categories on Quicken. Good times.

I'll just post these little do-dahs I made pretty much the night I got back from Utah. I forgot that I had to do the bulletin board for the primary room and the new theme is "I am a Child of God." So, I went back to my poster making days and pulled out the chalks and markers to create these kiddos. (This is mostly for my mom, she always wants to know how things like this ended up looking like...because she is the one I am frantically calling for ideas).

And last but not least, it seems it is the season for babies. I love it! Three of my friends are having babies here in about two minutes and I went to Costco to find some little outfits for them. These 3 happen to all be having boys too. So, I was at the checkout stand with 3 of the exact same outfits in the same size and the lady said, "don't tell me you're having triplets!" CAN YOU IMAGINE?! Yeah, now I am visibly pregnant to I that big?? :) Innocent question. Anyway, I also made these little notecards for the fun.

Anyway, lots of baby love going on over here. We are sOoOOo eXcItEd for this little dolly to make her first appearance! Aaron gave me a hug the other day and she totally kicked him in the gut. It was awesome. You so should have been there. :) My sweet little ninja. Bye for now!


Kip Kajsa & Jaylie said...

hey how fun! i was wondering when you were gonna post again! i love the crib, i am so excited for everything else your gonna get! we need to get together and make bows and stuff, i keep forgetting to tell you that! cute boy cards too!

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

Great post!
Don't worry the stuff that goes in the "baby" category of any always the largest. One because these tiny little things need SO MUCH and two, because they have the most fun gadgets and accessories! It's hard to not want to spend all the money on the cute little critters! :)

Also I love the crib...very classic, I had one just like it as a baby and the crib I have for Jackson almost looks like it too.

As far as the quilt your Mom made so adorable. I can't wait to see all the baby bedding!

It was so great to see you while you were here! I love your guts!

Joe & Lyssa said...

So I have a question for you. That postcard that you made, did you design it on photoshop or something? I am just curious...but those are really fun new additions to your home and the most exciting one is just around the corner! I promise, time flies with kids. Just wait, you'll have (name inserted here) and she'll be 6 months already and you'll look back and be like, whoa, I can't believe it's already been that long! Well that's where i'm at anyway...So how far along are you now? You need to get more prego pictures on here!

elements: overexposed said...

As always, love your cards. The quilt/blanket your mom made is just beautiful! Glad you had a wonderful holiday sad we didn't get to see you guys, losers! Ha!

We are so excited for the little Wood to enter into this world. Who will she look like??? Obviously her Mom or Dad, duh!


Kristen said...

So CUTE. You are. And the quilt. And the fabric. I mean if I, who have never been able to sew a thing in my life, can see those fabrics and instantly want them, then I can totally see how you, who might make them into something...someday at least, would have to have them. And btw, since you won't be needing the adorable cowBOY quilt anytime soon, name your price. :P

Baldwin Family said...

LOVE the quilt! I am so excited for you guys! Girls are sooo much fun. I loved the "I Am a Child of God" poster in the Primary room! I feel honored to know the artist :)
Take care

azufelt said...

I love the crib and the quilt, I hope I did scare you off with my crib story last nite! The crib is going to be jsut fine and work out perfect for this little one! I'll check back in 25 years though and see how it's holding up!

Oh yes, and I do love you cards, that little birdy is adorable, and NO, you aren't even close to looking like you have multiples in there!

Jordan & Jandee said...

So happy to see you in the blogging world again! La la love your quilt! And all your fun wish you lived close so we could quilt together all the time!

BETH said...

I love the crib- I can't wait to see what you make with all your fabric.

leslie said...

Oh how I've missed your posts! I missed seeing your cute face and your cute pregnant belly in Utah too, but I trust my mom got you the little "baby things" I made you! LOVE the quilt, LOVE the fabric, can't wait to see the wonderful project they turn into! Love the little kiddies too, super duper cute, you're so talented!

erin said...

Aww.. cute baby things, cute do-dahs, and i LOVE your new fabric!

emily snyder said...

thanks tonz and tonz for the update on my lack of editing!!!!! mom is just a little bugged with me. ann marie said that her goal is to make sure i double check things when i am done with this job of mine. ugh. i think that is my obvious lazy side. ugh!
i am off for the little procedure in awhile. i will have had nothing to eat for about 40 hours...any ideas of what i should go get after? :)

koryandkatie said...

I'm jealous of the DARLING quilt. I NEED A GIRL!!!! (Just not for another year or two!)


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