Tuesday, June 26, 2007

cleaning/organizing...attack the stacks!

this was a great picture of kemy with a real jamaican mon. ha!

So, yesterday Aaron was able to come home really early from "work". He called at 10:30 and said he was on his way home. So, somehow Aaron was able to get me into a cleaning mood (which doesn't happen very often, just ask him), and he pumped music all through the house and we went crazy. How was he able to pump music through the house? Awesome speakers? No. Just our t.v. We both have our laptops, but the volume isn't the greatest...hence, we put cds into the dvd player and BLAST it. Having a small house has it's advantages.

So, he went at it in the kitchen, cleaning the oven, toaster oven, mopping the floor and just DEEP cleaned everywhere. I, on the other hand, attacked the bedroom. My mom has complained for years that my piles are awful. I feel that I have organized chaos. I know what, for the most part, are in each of the stacks. But, for a long time, I have had major stacks on my night stand and two dressers. So, I attacked the stacks. That has a nice ring to it. I just added that to the blog title...it was that good.

Anyway, I was surprised to find some wonderful things along the way...I found nail polish, so I painted my nails. I found my old hand-held tetris game that my mom sent to me in Spain...so I played to level 5. I found a ziplock of lipsticks and glosses...so I proceeded to give myself a makeover. I found a ten dollar bill...thought of what I wanted to spend it on. I found an old calendars and flipped to see what I was doing this week last year. Graduating, can you believe it? So, I decided to reminisce for a while. Found a stack of pictures from highschool...you get the idea. Don't ask me why all these things were all together?! They are big stacks. :)

My favorite is when Aaron came in and saw my lips all glossy and weird makeup...nails painted too. He was like, "What have you been doing in here?" ha...if he only knew.

And I wonder why it always takes SO mUcH tImE to clean/organize. Can we say A.D.D.? Perhaps.

Anyway, that is not the reason I decided to post today. I wanted to show some pictures of what's been going on here...

I am sad to report that our good friends, Chris and Kemy are leaving us and heading off to Seattle. I won't write their last names, just in case someone wants to steal their identity. :) You're welcome, Kemy. I dropped Kemy off at the airport yesterday and had a really sad ride home. They have been a lot of fun to hang out with and we are pretty bummed they are leaving.
In honor of their departure and another cute family in our ward, we had a little Girl's Night. Kemy is in the middle in black and Rebecca is in the red. We are sad they are leaving! But luckily, there is a really fun group of gals to console each other in their absence.

Before the big departure, we went to the Gunther House (such a cute place! not to mention DELICIOUS too). Here are some photos of that event.

delicious food! Kemy's favorite, Eggs Benedict. And Chris got a mixed berry waffle...we got breakfast tacos and strawberry waffles. wow, talk about wonderful.
Since I put together a big disk full of fun pictures for Kemy, I thought I'd post some of them here. Here we are with Kip, Kajsa, and cute little Jaylie and the rest of us at Longhorn Cafe. Delicious burger place. We love it.

Here's a different picture of us enjoying probably the Jazz or maybe 24. Oh, I know it was the Jazz, because Kip is standing up...Kip is quite the fan. You should watch him watch the game. It is, in a word, AWESOME!

Anyway, Lots of fun with Kemy and Chris! You will be missed!

To totally change the subject, Aaron and I have been looking into getting a pool. Yes, a pool. If you are thinking a major pool, think again. We have looked at the Costco pool for a while, but didn't want to make quite an investment. :) So, the next best thing? Walmart. Ahhh, walmart. They sure had quite the selection.


aaron is getting the ground ready. Do you like our beautiful secret garden? ha!


Well...actually, this is that night. Do you love Aaron's cute legs? He will die that I posted that! I guess he thought the water would go a bit higher. It is 3'x12'. But obviously, it isn't filled to it's capacity here in the picture. I will post some better ones later, but get excited for now! We are!

POOL PARTIES at the WOOD HOUSE! Get excited! Oh, and don't bring your floaties...you won't need them. I promise, you'll be able to touch the bottom!


marc & michelle said...

You are too cute! You, my friend, have a way with words...dare I say you might just be a "Word-smith". You make me laugh right out loud and I read the great things you are doing in life. I only wish I could live closer so I could witness some of those things in person. Cleaning the stacks, I am impressed.

I definitely like things clean, but when it comes to stacking things I am right there with you girl! I stack too many things and when I do go through the stacks, I dilly-dally and get sidetracked on EVERYTHING!!! And if I am not stacking I am stashing...hiding the papers until I can get to them later and giving the appearance the things are clean and orderly. I am glad to hear that someone else is as GREAT as me! :)

Oh, and about the pool, how fun! Can we say pool party every day at the Wood house or what?! You guys are awesome! As for Aaron's legs...I am not sure that any comment will do the picture justice! You Rock Aaron! :) Enjoy some fun in the sun with your new pool!

melis & aaron said...

i have to say, that is the best & longest comment we have ever had here at the melis & aaron blog site. Michelle...a prize is in the mail... or something! gracias.

Jordan & Jandee said...

this is priceless, the picture of Aaron in the pool I mean.... also I am happy that you clean the same way I do....whenever I start going through my hoards of stuff it ultimately turns into a walk down memory lane and then I start thinking of all these other things I want to do...not very productive but very fun.

Jordan & Jandee said...

this is priceless, the picture of Aaron in the pool I mean.... also I am happy that you clean the same way I do....whenever I start going through my hoards of stuff it ultimately turns into a walk down memory lane and then I start thinking of all these other things I want to do...not very productive but very fun.

Mike and Kelly said...

That is one group of nice looking ladies. Maybe we could have girls night in your pool next time. I'll bring my kick board.

Joe & Lyssa said...

OH to have good friends move away. That just happened to me a month ago. It gets easier, dont worry. But at least you had fun times with her! Ok i got to go to bed!

My lip gloss said...

I don't understand what i am doing. I wanted to tell you I just spent the last 40 minutes of work reading your blog. I love it. I hope this what bloggers do. I'm so embarrased being this confused. Also thanks for the support. I love the Woods.


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