Monday, February 3, 2014

calvin and tillie

Melis just sent me a text and it said:

Cal said to Tillie, "hey you can help me make my jake ship" (referring to his duplo lego jake and the neverland pirates ship he hasn't stopped playing with since he got it for christmas).

Tillie replied, "Oh, sorry bud! I gotta eat my snack and then do my homework. But I can help after that!"

Cal said, "That's ok Til. I can wait for a thousand years."

Melissa said, "I die!! So cute!"

Anyway. Quick story. We are trying to organize our lives and get the blog working again. We just printed off a blog book for 2008 via blog2print and it was super fast and easy and awesome, but a little pricier than blurb, but WAY quicker. Just less flexibility with layout and formatting and that sort of thing.


emily snyder said...

goodness gracious they are the bestest kids!!!

HiToplay said...

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