Tuesday, September 10, 2013

More Tiny Dancer fabric delights!!

Dear friends and country-men!
Guess what Kokka decided to do?  Interview us for their blog (now you can know the 411 about each pattern) and then they showed some of the LOVELY samples they created for Spring Quilt Market 2013!
Here are a few gorgeous professional photos from their blog post:

Pretty exciting, no?  Seeing as I'm not a photographer, I was so sad that I couldn't show you guys an ACCURATE representation of the fabric---and alas, now we have these!

Feel free to head to their Kokka blog to check it out HERE in English and if you know Japanese, then you can go HERE.  :)

And, of course, if you are interested in purchasing for your shop and you're in the US, contact Seven Islands and they can hook you up.

But if you are wanting to purchase some for your stash, so far, I've only seen it at this Etsy shop called Miss Matatabi.  She has a ton of amazing Japanese fabric in her shop and carries almost, if not all, of our Tiny Dancer patterns!  Woot! Woot!
Here's a cute photo I took from her Etsy shop:

I just learned that the bolts just landed on US soil, so I'll let you know where else I'm seeing it carried (or, of course, if you are carrying it, let me know and I'll make it known!).

Anyway, fun news on the fabric front!
Of course there's a BILLION other things going on in NORMAL regular Melissa life---like my baby girl starting FULL DAY kindergarten (trust me, I have LOTS to say on this matter...)

or the fact that my TINY baby is not so TINY anymore.  He just turned 1 year old this past week. I may or may not be in denial.    

Or we could talk about how I might need to retire soon from being Calvin's translator, b/c he just started speech therapy at the elementary school this past week.  We're already seeing progress!

Or we could talk about the fact that my husband and I are both now playing the organ for our church worship services (talk about anxiety!).  Obviously I have no pictures of that, b/c no one wants to see a picture of me at the organ bawling my eyes out!  :)  JK! That might be a great picture.

Yes, there is much to talk about, and when I can steal away to my LEGIT computer with all the millions of photos I've recently uploaded, we'll talk about it all.

Until then, lots of love!


Erin Perry said...

I just LOVE your designs! Just like I love you! Thx for all your sweet comments on my blog. You have such a darling Fam and I can't believe your babe is one! Time flies. Always love reading your updates. :)

emily snyder said...

hooray!! you are not only back on you blog, but things are moving and shaking!! love love love it!!


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