Tuesday, May 7, 2013

just some boring ol' musings from aaron

New in our life - Benson is getting tubes in his ears on May 14th.... due to multiple ear infections. He is happy through it all.
Tillie got a hair cut the other day, first one in a while and of course she looks super cute. She's just getting the hang of sounding out words and trying to read. We registered her for kindergarten and have been actively discussing if she'll be going to public school or maybe some other option including staying home with us for an extra year. The jump from nothing to a full day of kindergarten seems to be a big deal to us. The latest is that she will be going the elementary around the corner from us. You can fill out  a character attribute request chart for your child's teacher (they don't allow you to select your teacher) so we have done that and melissa met ther registrar and the registrar said "I have the perfect teacher for you". So good signs there.

Calvin will be doing speech therapy at the same school as tillie 3 times/week when school starts. He's a very bright boy that is also learning to read and write right alongside his big sister. He also loves to draw pictures lately. (see instagram)

Melissa is turning some of her fabric into cute dolls/quilts (see instagram) in preparation for "Quilt Market" which is in Portland in two weeks. It is a big expo where a lot of fabric is displayed and the big companies and mom and pop shops can order what they want to resale to the public. She will be going with Becca and Denise and Baby Benson.  Mom is coming down to Texas to help me with the kids while Melissa is out of town. We are SOOOOOOOOO excited.
I'm playing indoor soccer one night a week with a friend and his friends. I play basketball.

We continue to enjoy the beautiful weather we've had here since September, but are bracing for the summer months.

Tillie is just finishing up her first soccer season and I'm finishing up coaching her team. It has been fun and I have seen the full spectrum of parents/coaches/players as the season progressed. We had a celebration at Chili's after our last game and gave all the girls trophies. Very cute (see instagram).

I have installed 4 fans in the house and only have a couple more to go... that's 1 fan per 3 months. not too shabby.

We continually debate over buying a backyard play area for the kids. They jump on the trampoline every day, but love going to the park. I dunno.
I'm trying to get tillie interested in riding a bike, but she just LOVES her trike.

Calvin and Tillie are anxiously awaiting the release of Daft Punk's next album.
Hmmmm... Hopefully didn't bore you all to death... Those were just the words in my head as I sat here at work not working.


emily snyder said...

dear aaron!! i love that you wrote and shared updates. thank you! i love that things are hopping at your house. so many new things. you are an incredible husband and father. i love that i get to be a part of your family.

Erin said...

Hey, we are thinking of homeschooling right now, too. Lots of reasons that attract me...I'm learning so much as I research. There's a good group of LDS families homeschooling here in MN and I've been pummeling them with questions (no injuries so far). But with a school around the corner, that's awesome. Ours would be close, but across a busy street.


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