Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter week 2013

Pretty stoic picture to start out this post, eh? I thought it was so funny to see the kids sitting patiently together on an IKEA piece of furniture. Always an adventure, that place!  
I loved this next picture too, with everyone testing out the chairs while waiting for their dear old mom.

Later that same day, Tillie's preschool class had a field-trip to the Fire Station. The kids were pretty jazzed to see all the ins and outs of that cool place. 

speaking of thumbs up...

I traded in my old flip flops in for the same model. I love them. They are yoga mat material and make me feel like I'm walking on a cloud.

I had my resident airplane maker make me a few paper airplanes for a mobile I was wanting over Benny's crib. They turned out pretty darn cute.

Mr. Bob, our wonderful neighbor, brought this huge bag of eggs to the kids. He is too good to them/us! 

And the biggest project of our lives was going on. Aaron created bookshelves for me in our front room! I'd seen things on Pinterest that I liked, but to hire out a huge custom job was gonna cost a lot of money---and I wanted the shelves to be adjustable---so, we measured and remeasured and figured out that IKEA had some lovely bookcases (BILLY) that would fit pretty perfectly in our niche. I was so happy Aaron said he'd put them in and then add molding to make it look all built in!

I helped paint the molding in the front yard while Aaron did the heavy lifting/building.
Benny was my happy compadre.

Here's some progress shots! Go, Aaron, Go!

We got the job finished in time for Easter Sunday! Look at these cuties in their Sunday best!
Attempts on a family photo with the self-timer. Love that game.
 I love how Benson and Calvin are making the EXACT same face in this next one, hence the reason why I made it larger.  It's worth seeing.
 Ahhh, you win some you lose some.  Benny and Tillie are looking at Aaron, but we'll take it.
 In case anyone was wondering, I am obsessed with this baby.
And little boys in bow-ties?  Perfection.
Even though these next ones are a little blurry b/c of the excessive movement from both crazies, I still had to include them.

 I could die with this next one.  I love every part of these next two pictures.  And, hello, do you see Bensey's arms? I die.
 my blue-eyed boys in blue shirts.
notice the wee one's tongue. gah! so cute!
poser alert!
 For the first time in Tillie's little life, she didn't feel like doing mega poses.  She was pretty mellow in these next shots, which is just fine with me.  I know that I am biased, but I think she is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. 
 After church, we spied these awesome yellow roses in bloom. I had noticed them last year and wanted to take photos, but never got around to it. Since the kids were pretty happy, we pulled over and took a few shots---they were, after all, dressed for the occasion too!
I love these next ones.

And, yellow roses are my all-time favorite. I think they might be my mom's too, and her mom, Grandma Vivian. They grew all over in Spanish Fork and they have a special place in my heart.
 posers... yet again!

We did a mini egg hunt in our backyard and the kids found new butterfly catchers. It was pretty sweet to see them running around like crazies.

Happy kiddos ready to go to sleep---or not. :) They love sharing a room and playing together at night. It was a happy Easter week, indeed!

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