Wednesday, March 27, 2013

knock, knock?

So, rumor has it that April 1st is the new January 1st.
Am I right? or am I right?

(insert pathetic clapping here)

(Why did I include my chicken in a party hat? I don't know. Perhaps, we need to celebrate that I'm really blogging. Plus, adding a chicken is ALWAYS a good idea.  duh!)

Honestly, the reason for my absence is not because I don't believe in blogging anymore.  I do!  I'm a believer!!
It's not because I have three kids now (although, that is PART of the reason).
It's not because my hands don't work properly (although, that has been PART of the reason too---more on that later, obviously).
You wanna know why I haven't blogged for so long?
Wait for it.  Wait for it...

I just uploaded 3,872 pictures to my computer from the camera.

Do you realize how big the number 3,872 is?  That's a lotta blogging, my friends.  That's the number of pictures I've taken since the week before Thanksgiving.  hA!!!

The only reason I finally decided to upload them, is because my phone/camera's memory is full.  So full, in fact, that it wouldn't allow me to take any more pictures!  What!?  Amazing.
And then, as I started uploading them all, our iphoto kept having issues.  Come to find out that our hard drive and our external hard drive with ALL of my photos of our life had been corrupted! It was scary.  A real nail-biter.  But, after the expertise of a professional (plus a few hundred dollars---not doll-hairs), we are back up and running!

So, we'll take it slowly (obviously).  You know that I only run when being chased.

But, in case you thought I was abandoning this ship, I'm certainly not.

You see, I am a forgetful person.  Really, I forget EVERYthing.
You've called me?  I probably forgot to call you back.
You've texted me?  Yep, I probably forgot to respond.
We had an awesome memory together that one day?
Sorry, it's not personal, but I've probably forgotten that too... UNLESS I have a photo to jog my memory!  Truly.
There was a quote I had on my bulletin board in college that said, "Seen it all.  Done it all.  Can't remember most of it."  Perhaps I've shared that quote with you before?  Who knows!  I've forgotten!

Case and point?
As I look at this new 6 month Benson-boy in my arms, I see so much of Tillie!  And, yes, they look so much alike it's uncanny---but! as I was thinking about it, I really don't remember much about Calvin as a baby.  Why?  We were living in CrazyTown!  Tillie was 19 months? 20months?  (Aaron says 20 months, I say 19---when honestly, it felt like they were 5 months apart!).  Really, it's a blur now.  But, when Tillie was a baby, I had ALL the time in the world to study her face and memorize everything about her.  No wonder when I see Benny boy, I see a mini Tillie!

Thank heavens I was sane enough to blog about it all!  I can easily look back to that time in life when Cal was a baby and see exactly how my Calvin looked at 6 months and the milestones he was accomplishing.  I can see records of what we did each day and how we did it and how I felt about it.  Amazing!!  Especially because when I try to recall that information in my brain, it's gone!

So, you see, I blog to remember.
I blog because I love the relationships I'm able to maintain while we live so far away in this little corner of the globe.
I blog because my kids are freaking darling (my mom is going to ground me for using the word "freaking"---whoopsie daisy!) and they need to be seen.  I mean, look at those photos above!
I blog because it's a tangible record of our daily lives---and heaven knows, I need tangible evidence that we are moving forward and not just living in a mess!
I blog because it's validating.
I blog because it's a time for me to reflect on where we are RIGHT this minute, and where we've been.
I blog because it makes me happy.

There you have it.  I'll be bouncin' in from time to time.  Because we have so much to catch up on! (for example, where did our newborn go?, Tillie is almost five, Cal is already three and completely potty trained! I've found a new way of eating and lost all the baby weight I gained with Bensey-boy (insert a HUGE woot! woot!), Aaron and I went on a grand excursion with NO kiddos, we had lots of sick children with the horrible flu and ear infections and even pneumonia,  I've been decorating our house and have hung several frames AND curtains (with lots of help, obviously), AND I've just got the strike offs for our new fabric line that is going to be debuted at this upcoming Spring 2013 quilt market (boo yah! finally!).  Whew!

See what I mean?  Lots to talk about!

In the meantime, if you want to be friends on Instagram, my "handle" is melimba.
Let's be forever friends.  Great? Great.
Ta ta for now.


aaron said...


Erin Perry said...

Wahoo! So happy Melissa is back. Seriously. I love reading your blog because it always makes me smile. Plus those Kiddos ARE freakin adorable and getting so big! Glad to hear things are going well and so happy to hear your iPhoto was saved! I've lost stuff before and let's just say it sucks! Ya... Remember that time miss Peyton was born? Yeah. Lost all that! Hundreds of dollars later... Still lost. :(. Now I've got everything backed up not once, not twice, but thrice!!! I'm a freak. For good reason though. :). Can't wait to hear more of your glorious and grandreous adventures!!

emily snyder said...

hip hip hooray!! i am doing the happy dance at work as i am reading!! i LOVE your thoughts and LOVE you!!

Hannah said...

Glad your blogging! I agree...those cute kiddos require their pictures to be admired! Bensen is adorable. And horray for potty training! We've yet to master night times with my 3 year old.

And I wouldn't mind knowing how you lost your baby weight. ;)

melimba said...

Erin! You are the best commenter! For the record, I have yet to click on your latest posts, bc I like to really sit down and read them and have enough time to comment too! So alas, I'm getting jazzed to read what you've been up to too!
And you lost Peyton's baby pics?! I would have sobbed! So sorry! Good for you to have them all backed up three times! I'm jumping on that bandwagon too! For sure!
Thanks for the love!

melimba said...

Gracias! So glad you can have a little entertainment at work! 👌

Lyssa Zimmerman said...

Oh so glad to see you again. I've missed your face. Seriously, I get excited with each post. You are just too witty for your own good ;)
That's so "freaking" awesome about your line and your home...pretty much your life! haa haa love your guts :) We need to chat a continuance of 10 yr high school you remember what we were talking about or did you forget ;) (mums the word...)

Tim and Melissa said...

I love that you are back to blogging! I love to see what you guys are up to and love the way you write about your life! You kids really are adorable and I 100% agree that Benson looks just like Tillie as a baby! I miss you guys!


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