Wednesday, October 17, 2012

beginning of October 2012

Becca created this darling embroidery for Benny and I am in love with it. I want her to do one for each one of my darling children. The font, the spacing, the size is perfect. THANK YOU, best Becca!

How great is this little dock right behind our house? I love where we live! Obviously, by this next pose of Til's---she loves it too! :) (p.s. how did that dress get so short!? quit growing up, Tillie!)

Benny is such a trouble maker. I wish he'd stop being such a hard baby. 

Nana sent down some October delights for the kids. I may have found these tiny little sparkly stickers for WEEKS to come, but it sure provided a lot of fun entertainment! Good thing that little baby-chunk isn't mobile and shoving such things in his mouth---yet! 

Speaking of my chunky monkey, let's look at the million faces he's making these days! At just over a month old, he's a SMILER! GAH! my heart.  I just died!


I can always count on Cal to pose it up with me on my phone. He's always got a few crazy faces up that little sleeve of his. Too sweet!

My mom and I have been working tirelessly on a new mudroom scenario---and when I say WE, I mean her! Here's the awesome plans she came up with! What would I do without her and her amazing brain power?! Especially when I am lacking normal brain power?!
This is the drive that we'll take when our new church building is finished being built. Look at that tree tunnel. I DIE! So beautiful. Texas has so many hidden gems like this.

Aaron is the bomb and has given me the greatest gift I could ever imagine---this gift of amazing music. Surround sound style. Honestly, he's the best. Now, when I do the dishes, we can all dance and sing and be happy together---with a billion decibels of fun pumping in the background. Look at his mad skills installing our speakers!

Palio's pizza joint.  

This boy is such a good sport with this two crazy older siblings trying to "help" him smile.

Benny likes to just hang out in his amazing swing seat and watch the circus unfold. Look at how comfy and content this one is! I die!

"uh, mom, are you sure you want to dance like that? it looks a little questionable..."

I love this little stripey number. Golly. What a sweet face this crazy boy has! I took him outside to help out his left over jaundice-y eyes. Who doesn't like a good sun-bathing session?!

This is one of my most favorite outfits he owns. Striped sweater outfit. Pair it with a dreamy sleepy baby? Be still my heart. 

How lucky are we to have Aunty Becca around?! Here she is whipping up something delicious, I'm sure. As to what Tillie's doing? No clue. But she sure looks cute in that leotard.

I decided to go upstairs, into my NEW studio, and work on a painting. It was so exciting and wonderful and fun. I forget what creative endeavors do for my soul. Help me remember! 

Life marches on. Another day, another costume. Man, how cute are these two? And I die with Tillie's clever-ness! Check out how she created a bridal veil with Benny's light swaddling blanket.

So, I got a cold. I hate getting sick. Isn't there a rule that moms of new babies can't get sick?! Blergh. In order to show you that I was really miserable, here is proof. My favorite runny nose remedy is just to shove a tissue in both nostrils. Helps with run-away-drips. Sick. What has this blog become?! Sorry. Not all fairy tales around here.

But this mantle is a vision of happiness. I mean, come on! So happy and fun!

Tillie decided to put on a puppet show for Benny. He was enthralled.

"Uhh, mom? Is she done yet?"

Benny is always furrowing his eyebrows like he's unsure of EVERYthing we do. 
Ha! Sorry, kid. You're stuck with us.

In efforts to be a more "fun and spontaneous" mom (those two words have never been a part of my description and I'm trying my darndest to change that!)---I put on an impromptu picnic for dinner. That backyard, all freshly mowed, was BEGGING for us to!

See, look how "fun and spontaneous" this face is! ha!

Let the fun continue! Let there be bubbles! Boo yah, for only 25cents for a huge gallon, I do believe I am a winner!

My parents are coming soon, so in efforts to show them that we are mature, responsible adults, we decided to organize the garage. And again, by "WE", I mean Aaron did it. With me cheering him on. I'm a great cheerleader.  Look how nice all those spray paint cans look in their place! He did good!

His blurry work crew. I'm sure they helped a ton! ;)

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