Monday, July 16, 2012

more house progress

We are in countdown mode, my friends.  We are supposed to close/move in to this house in T-30 days. For those who don't normally talk like that (myself included) that means just barely a month.  August 15th is the closing/moving date.
Oh, did you know that we have a date scheduled to deliver a baby via c-section just 2.5 weeks AFTER that move in date?  
So, you probably can gather that I am in full blown wig-out mode.

There's lots to talk about, but this post is going to focus solely on the house progress... b/c let's be honest, it's much more fun to see that rather than my expanding-building-a-baby-body-process.
view of the family room/breakfast nook
backyard covered patio
side yard featuring lost children
more back yard
view of dining (piano) room and then into family room through archway
view of sweaty 2.5 year old in too small shirt (but looking so cute)
view of official foreman (aka Aaron) making sure everything is installed properly.

If you ever are building a house, I suggest leaving on vacation for several weeks.  Seriously.  You'll be blown away with how much gets done while you are gone.  When I did the last house progress report (I sound so official), it was RIGHT before I embarked on a 3+ week visit to Utah (our home away from home).  I was a little stressed to see how the brick we chose  (really, I chose it (Aaron was over how long it was taking me to decide as I poured over brick samples for weeks)) turned out.  As we pulled up and saw this image below, I started bawling.  

For the record, I didn't choose a pink/purple pastel brick.  It was supposed to be a red/gray combo.  I was a basket case.  I'd like to blame it on the fact that I was mega pregnant and had woken up at 3:30a.m. that morning to catch our early flight---but really, it was the brick.  
I left Aaron to chat with the builder and looked around to see all the updates inside.  
The walls had been primed already and I was a fan of this view as you walked in the front door.
Happy bright/white kitchen cabinets also greeted me!  
master bathroom progress
pocket door for the laundry room installed. neato.
Luckily, Aaron found out from the builder that the brick would change to the real color once they came back to an acid spray wash to clean off all the mortar.  Hallelujah!  My melt down was for nothing. (story of my life) Much better looking brick, wouldn't you say?
View of our house in the cul de sac
view above front door way. that high window will be the perfect target to shoot nerf arrows into.
side of the kitchen where ovens and fridge will go.
blessed pantry.
more of those pretty white cabinets
view from kitchen into family room
view from same spot in kitchen to breakfast nook & backyard
kitchen island.
master bathroom with tile (no grout yet)
tub/storage/window into shower (yes, kind of odd, I know)
more of the family room
stairs. duh.
bathroom we turned into a storage room.  being denise's daughter, I knew that you can never have TOO much storage.  But, there is a such a thing as too many bathrooms to clean.
kid's bathroom
tillie & cal's bedroom (and closet)
upstairs: side of game room (computer will be in far corner)
game room
other wall of game room (stairs are directly behind this). Originally, the plans had a half wall set up here, but we opted to close it off.  I could just envision Calvin (or this new baby---Tillie would never think of doing something so careless) thinking it would be rad to jump off a couch to the stairs below.  
view into other bedroom, attic, and bathroom 
upstairs bathroom
upstairs bedroom with big can of ??? left by the workers.  thank you.
now the grout is in between tiles.  happy day.
my mom pointed out that it looks like the Porta-Potty just sold.  In fact, it didn't (but good one, mom!).  I just wanted to show a comparison of our massively wonderful mailbox next to our neighbor's. It looks as is if it could eat theirs.  Hey, the builder said it was fine to put whatever size mailbox I wanted, so I ordered the biggest one I could find on amazon and happily delivered it to him.  Good times.
a few shots of the kids dancing on the back patio.
they are as happy as we are that this house is gonna happen.

Just for kicks, here's a shot of them at this same point LAST year as we were about to move into the other house...
And if you were curious, yes, we are are almost at the EXACT point we were last year when we had to pull out from the last house (3 weeks away from moving in then) to move here to Dallas.  And, yes, I am still kind of nervous that for some reason we won't be able to move into this one (and for the record, I don't know how my psyche could handle doing that again in a year's time).  
But, so far, so good.  All signs point to us REALLY being able to move in and stick around for a good long time.  Whew!  But, you KNOW I'm going to hold my breath until we really get in.  


Heather said...

i love your house. the brick did turn out quite nice! We moved from Tennessee to Utah 2 weeks after c-section #3. It was hard. Hopefully it will be easier to move before baby comes then after. I do love your house. Good luck!!!

Sarah said...
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Sarah said...

Missed the acid-wash thing. It looks great. Love the way things are looking. What a fun process to watch!

Kristen said...

Looks awesome! Kinda funny it doesn't look like the things you picked out in your first house. Love it though!

Grow baby grow...can't wait to see your new cutie soon.


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