Monday, December 19, 2011

Becca MOVES here!!! and other fun times

So, I don't think I ever told you about the greatest thing to happen to me since... I don't know!  Becca, my little sissy sister (just kidding, she's no sissy), just moved here to Dallas.  !!!!!   When she landed an AWESOME job at this AWESOMELY famous advertising firm, I about fell off my rocker.  Actually, wait, I think I DID fall off my rocking chair (la-z-boy, thank you very much).

I think I might have even cried too.

So very exciting.  After she found the job, she quickly flew up to Utah to collect all the belongings she could fit into the Toyota Matrix and headed south with mi madre.  Apparently they had a lovely little road trip.  I hate driving a billion hours upon end, so I didn't feel TOO bad that I wasn't accompanying them.

Luckily, Becca found a great apartment and a nice room-mate just minutes away from where she works.  So, she lives about 35-40 minutes away from us, which I wish she lived right next to me, but alas, we're making do!  Anyway, isn't that great news?!  I know.

Aaron had one of his days off shortly after they arrived, so he took the kids while I helped move Becca in.  We had a grand time.  Can't you tell?

Nana also got to play with Banana 1 and Banana 2 while she was here. 
 They LOVED having her around.  Duh!
Happy kids with their happy Nana.  Good times.  All around.

:::  Then Nana had to go home.  Sad day.

Okay, okay, Cal was sad she had to leave, but he was even more miserable because he woke up the next morning with a super stiff neck.  It was awful.  When I pulled him out of his crib he just was sobbing and holding onto his neck.  Of course, I started thinking of all the worst possible causes.  Meningitis?  I took him into the doctor, and she thinks he must have just slept in a weird position.  Crazy.  Luckily, the pain went away after several hours, but man alive, I was dying.

I mean, look at that face?!

Fortunately, we have an Entertainer on our hands.  This was Tillie's way to help her brother cheer up:
So, this is me, Loser MOM here.  I had forgotten that I had purchased this robot costume LAST year after Halloween on MAJOR Clearance.  I totally spaced (pun intended) this purchase as I planned Cal and Tillie's Toy Story costumes this year.  Hello?  Oh well, we're getting good use out of it now, obviously.
::: Tillie has a really cute little monster doll she got from her friend in San Antonio (thanks, Brooklyn!).  Matilda wanted us to draw some pictures of her doll, so we went into the computer and made a monster for each member of our family to print out and color.
me.  hello, couldn't you tell with my diaper bag and two sippy cups?
dad.  ha!  i love his spikey hair and teeth.
Too bad Calvin hates to smile.
I love the mustache she added.  It may or may not look like some old World War II dictator?
::: Speaking of coloring, Matilda has been a COLORING machine.  She loves it.  And, of course, I love that she loves it.  Here's a picture she colored for her dance teacher, Ms. Lisa.  It's a row of flowers!  Clever!

This girl is also OBSESSED with her lips.  She hates having dry lips and is constantly ripping off the dead skin.  Gross, I know.  But, it's a part of our life right now and I'm recording it.  I have now learned to have our chap stick at the ready!
What?  More dance pictures?  Sure.  I'll oblige.
This next one is probably one of my very most FAVORITE pictures of her.  I think I'm going to photoshop out the edge of the mantel and outlet.  I love it so much.

Cal was trying to impress us all by crawling like a baby (in his words, "Cal baby, Cal baby!")

::: We like checking out parks.  With two toddlers, it only makes sense.  We saw this cool playground and had to stop.  Look at all the fun trees in the background too!  After we got out of the car we realized it was FREEEEEEZING cold and windy.  So, we didn't stay too long. 
of course Aaron wears shorts in 30 degree weather.  that boy...

::: The next day we decided to go look for another adventure.  After checking out a floral sofa found on Craigslist (which we ended up purchasing... pictures below), we decided to check out a local lake that we had seen on the maps.  Not being able to find a legit way to the lake, we decided to park our car and head into the forest.  According to the GPS the lake was just beyond the trees.
hA!  boy, were we wrong.
After forging through the forest (no path) for about 20 minutes, we opted to turn around.  Here we are RIGHT before we turned around.
Well, the lake had dried up.   
Don't believe me?  Look at these pictures: 
I'm just glad we turned around when we did.  
We took these shots as we were heading over a nearby bridge.  Tillie was disappointed and said that she had wanted to go boating on the lake.  That made me think about trying to water ski, and then I started cringing, because can you imagine WATER SKIING here?  Think about how many pokey sticks you'd hit!  AGHH!  The horror of it all is too much!!!

Apparently, the drought this year did a number here too.

Not a particularly nice subject to talk about, you know, that of pokey sticks up your bum while water skiing---so, let's move on.  Quickly.

:::  We bought a new couch.  Well, actually, my parents bought us a new couch.  :)  The Snyder family is going to be having a MAJORLY fun reunion here at our house soon, and my dear mother was worried about seating.  Makes sense.  Currently, we have a 3 man sofa and one recliner.  Another sofa was a good idea.  And, we have the space for it, so we started looking.

I'm kind of in love with this floral beaut we found online.  She's been in a old lady's mansion for the last several years in a parlor that was never used.  Of course!  Who has parlors these days?

Oh, and I know.  The thought of buying a USED sofa kind of gags me out.  But, it was in such excellent condition, I couldn't help myself.  Oh, and the price was right.  I think I'm going to rent a steam cleaner, though.  Just in case...

In other related news, I found a white Ikea slipcover that fits surprisingly well.  BOO YAH!   I'll have to take legit photos soon, but here she is in all her floral glory.  (yes, the floral is nice, but it's not really in our color scheme with all the peachy colors. you know?  so, white is good for now.)

::: One last event to record before I end this mega post...  We now have a fireplace. That means we get to have FIRES!  Pretty fun.  This was a first for us.  We were ALL fans.
Confession: My name is Melissa and I am really liking blurry ghost-like pictures.  Sorry, you get what you pay for!

Well, that concludes our photos of the rest of our Pre-Thanksgiving November memories.  Thanks for joining us.  Y'all come back now, ya hear?

The end.

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The Basil's said...

darling kiddos.... really so cute. oh, and where did you get those boots of tilly's in the pics fro the park. i've been looking for some cute ones for the girls, and love those! thanks!


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