Thursday, June 26, 2008

ok, ok. we're bA-aCk!

"hey!  I know you!"

So, I know, you have all been waiting anxiously for a new post, right?  yeah, I know.  It's been almost a month, my friends, and a month is a LONG time, especially for a new little baby.  I have been debating in my mind how to go about posting all the BILLIONS of photos we've taken over the last month.  The verdict? Okay, I'll tell.  

"We'll start from the very beginning.  A very good place to start.  When you read you being with A-B-C..."  Quick! Name that song! From what movie/play? Anyone? Anyone? 
Good.  We are kindred spirits if you know the answer to that one.  AND! we are even more kindred spirits if you know what "kindred spirits" is from.  Am I making sense any more? Probably not.  Whatev.

Ahh, I digress.  Wow, let's get started.  Onto the MAIN EVENT! 
Tillie Mae is her name, being WONDERFULLY ADORABLE is her game. And, let's face it, she wins EVERY STINKIN' TIME.  Enough caps.  Wow, that was getting a little annoying.

But, Matilda? Never annoying.  Always perfect.  Always a delight.  

Let's take a look at some darling photos that my sweet friend, Catherine Lopez, took right before we left to Utah.  Catherine is the "big time" now, doing REAL photo shoots in California with the pros.  Once she has her website up, I'll post her link and, if you are lucky, she can be your photographer too!  Thank heavens, she was gracious enough to snap a billion fantastic shots of sweet Tillie Mae. Seriously, Catherine has the patience of a saint.  We ended up doing TWO shoots and here are just a few of the magic she captured of our darling one month old (can you believe she is TWO months old now?!).  Enjoy. And, thanks again Catherine!!! Kudos to you, my friend.

looking toward her bright future. awe struck, of course.

"whaa? you want to plant me in your garden? i am so confused."

looking pretty in pink fluffy cloud. 

tiny little hand.

darling long feet. those are her daddy's feet, just in mini form.  large toe span and all.  
one day I will post some others for a better illustration of the comparison. 
i know you are thrilled at the prospect.

always curious.

"are you done yet? haven't we taken enough already??"
this is her ready to doze face.  give her two more seconds and she will be fast asleep.

almost ready to cry face.  it's not because I put a huge flower a top her head, is it?
oh, the vanity.

i love this face. this is the just content face. not happy, not sad, just feeling fine to be here.
well, we're really glad that she is here.
don't you agree?

Thanks again, sweet Catherine!  You are the BOMB.COM for taking such incredible pictures of our doll-face.  You have captured so many of the different sides of Matilda.  
ThAnK yOu A biLLiOn TiMeS oVeR!


Adams Family said...

super cute pictures!!
and i love the are so so much fun!!
matilda such the DOLL!!

Becca & Jonathan said...

The Sound of Music followed by Anne of Green Gables. I always knew I liked you! :) Love the pics too.

Tyler and Erin said...

So glad you posted. can't believe she is 2 months! What adorable pictures.

Rebecca Snyder said...

how sweet. Lizzy is going to be so sad that I saw this post first.

marc, michelle and Jackson said...

I am sad that I didn't get to see you one last time before you left, but alls well, at least you have your blog. These pictures are darling. You have a cutie on your hands.

motherpartridge said...

You are doing it right Meliss, she seems content and happy. Thank you for letting me hold her while you were here. She is so cute I'm sure the photographer had an easy job.

Lyssa said...

Um I thought it was Sword in the Stone with Anne of Green Gables but that I just read Becca's comment and I failed...sound of music is the right choice isn't it?
ANyways, Tille Mae..which I love that name! getting to big and is so adorable! I'm so glad you are just eating her up and loving every minutes of goes by way too fast...Kate is almost ONE! holy crap right?

a pair of pettijohns said...

ok. SUPER darling photos. love, love, love them. kudos to catherine!!

Madz said...

She is so cute! I saw your DARLING baby announcement! She is growing up so fast!

Leah said...

"When you sing you begin with DO-RE-MI..."

"bosom friends"

The pics are adorable; Tillie Mae is a doll.

Kajsa said...

what cute pictures! you are always so funny too!


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