Wednesday, April 11, 2007

sure, i'll post again.

so, I just realized...I haven't posted for well over a month. I think it is lame when people don't update often (cough cough sarah cough cough) :) jk. But, I took a self check and thought "hey, why don't I take the two seconds it takes to update a do just that..." you can see why I am confused so much of the time. That did NOT make sense.

Anywho. Hi. Lots has happened to Aaron and Melissa since I last posted. We went for spring break to San Fran on an airplane and rented a car to drive up the coast to Portland. From there we flew back to San Antone. Good good times. AND THEN! Michelle and her cute little fam came down to visit that next weekend, and that was a party and a half! And then...we had a 24 marathon with the Nielsen-Bates clan :) We have to postpone watching for really puts a damper in our viewing schedule. Oh, then Easter happened. That was great. Church was great...especially Primary. Did I mention that I am the Primary secretary? Yeah, it is great. Remember how much I love little kids? It is heaven. Except the roll part...I hardly know lots of the parents in the ward, let alone all of their kids. But, slowly, I am learning.

i love spring. There are so many flowers in bloom. The one taken above was at the grounds of the Portland Temple. BEAUTIFUL place. wow.
The ones from below were taken on a little side road in Napa Valley, California. Just in a random field. One day, I will have a random field that I plant lovelies in too. Get excited for that day.

Aaron has a mondo test tomorrow. Good luck, kiddo. Becca's birthday is tomorrow. I wish I could make her a cake and decorate it for her and then present it with sparklers as candles. Hmmm...better luck next year? :) This is a SHOUT OUT TO YOU!!!! Lots of love on your 19th birthday! May this be your best year yet!


marc & michelle said...

Hey...welcome back to the blogging world! :) Seriously, post as often as you like...I love checking up on you guys! I can't wait to hear more about life. It sounds like things are going well. Post some fun pic's of you and Aaron. Love ya!

Joe & Lyssa said...

Ya seriously, you were dead for a long time. Glad to see you've come back with a vengence! That's nice you were able to have a good Spring Break. Take advantage of those free times before the sound of pitter patter come around. :)

The Ballstaedts in Vegas said...

Hey Melissa, you probably don't remember me.. so this might be a little weird, but Lyssa was telling me how you were living in Texas by her and how you taught her how to do her blog thing. Well she was teaching me how to do it today, I wanted to see yours.. and it is so fun!
I just want to tell you that I am so jealous of your craft sewing room... that is my dream room!!!
Fun stuff!
Cairen Ballstaedt(Bambl)

Joe & Lyssa said...

Hey so where are you?! You are slacking off sister! I better see a new post soon or else!

marc & michelle said...

I'm with Lyssa...come one Melis!

texaslover said...

Hey, just a lurker here, I grew up in San Antonio and Boerne, really miss it. Would love to see more blog entries about how my home towns doing. It's a wonderful place isn't it? GO SPURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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